How do you want to look back your life when you are lying in a death bed?

With this, I know many people would criticize me and even talk about me for taking wrong decisions. Whatever they say, what I only have in mind, with my father’s influence is that, “I am still 19 years old. I am still young. I can still do more things in my life. I can still grab better opportunities present around me. What’s important is I am making way to live the life that I dreamed of while living the life that I loved.” 🙂

What’s on the start of the next chapter?

Everything felt so great these days. There maybe struggles around, I may need to get up and stand on the toughest decisions I will make in my life, still, life will always goes on.

What’s important right now is that I am settled with my life principle, the thing I realized during my retreat that revolved my perspectives and ideals