Hello everyone!

I’m Joberlyn Manaois. Those who know me call me Joba. I’m 23 years old from the Philippines.

I was born in Midsayap, Cotabato. Since 2009, I lived in Davao City for studies and work. Last 2014, I was relocated to Cagayan de Oro City and stayed there for more than year. Then later in 2015, I was transferred in Taguig City for a new job.

I am living independently since I was 15 years old and been sustaining myself for almost 5 years already.  My own hard-earned money took me to all the places I’ve visited. Because of it, I’ve learned how to strictly manage my budget for every trip I make. I plan and research thoroughly; knowing every possibility to lower my expenses.

My personal blog has existed since 2009. I’ve tweaked it many times with different concepts. Until last 2013, I started sharing my DIY Itineraries for my trips and got some positive feedback about it.

Most of my friends asked for details and were amazed of how cheap I spend for my trips. Then I realized it will be much wiser and more precise if I will put all the details in one where they can just read or print it out as their travel guide.

That’s why, I finally decided to turn my personal blog into a travel blog that is an easy access to anyone who needs a travel guide.

So, thank you very much if you are reading this now. I hope that through my blog I can help you for the next adventure you have in mind.

Feel free to browse any parts of it. And don’t forget …

“Go! Take a leave and see places.”

See you on the road!