Just another day to face at work

I’m off to work and I need a break!

Is it too early to ask for it? Hmm, perhaps I just want to spend my life going everywhere. Despite of my want, I always end up on the reality that I can’t do what I wanted when I don’t have enough money to spend so, I need to work.

I just got my first salary yesterday. It was beyond expectation. Thank God it is! Anyhow, savings is my first target. More than half of my salary is fot savings. 1/4 for everyday needs and 1/4 for food and leisure. I hope I had the best allocation.

Boracay and Bangkok, you are my target for this year. Please be MINE!

At least to this boring nonetheless, required day to survive, I’ve got a motivator with me to learn, earn and spend my life the way I wanted! :))

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