How do you want to look back your life when you are lying in a death bed?

DreamSometime in July, I worked maybe not that well, but of all my best energy that I’ve got. Working in the trade industry seemed to be not an easy task. I’ll share to you some of my real and recent experiences.

Even though medicine is my dream, travel is my love and culinary is my passion, I graduated with a degree in Marketing and somehow I have to test myself practicing it before assessing if I should take the deal I had with my father of going to Med school. I am always honest to myself how I struggled for 4 years dealing the business jargon and absorbing it in mind. So, with the first look of the FMCG industry or the so called Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry through my training in L’Oreal, I thought that I can practice my profession more on trade. Making the story short, I am working in the sales and distributing team of the category captain of the industry – Procter and Gamble.

Since day 1 until a month of wondering where the path is leading me, I tried to embrace and accept the tasks despite of the struggles physically, mentally and most importantly, emotionally. Working with less motivation is real hard and even harder when everyday you thought of yourself working sometime in a hospital or in a kitchen and not selling bar soaps and shampoos. Despite of all, I still pushed myself just to earn money for my Med school sometime in my life.

Truly, selling is not my type of game even more persuasion. Knowing myself, I struggled giving firm directions to people and building up stronger disposition, not just sometime but almost everyday. I am more delighted to easy talking, doing things together by teaching, or doing it by myself.

When in coverage, I am always reminded of this question, “How do you want to look back your life when you are lying in a death bed?”

Which I can answer swiftly, this is not the way I will look back my life. I will live out my childhood dreams.

But then, I am not easily giving up the work the I have right now. From the decision I made 3 months ago, I accepted the challenge. Gladly, each day I am learning a lot of things speaking different life aspects – people, things, movies, trends, issues, relationships, management, food and everything under the sun.

Being in WDC is one of the greatest fun I have in life. I meet people – people with great minds, personalities, characters and most especially I gained my second family away from home. But in reality, things in this world are never made to be perfect. Incompleteness and imperfections are always present for you to seek more of what keeps your heart beat faster.

Maybe, sales and marketing is not where my soul wants to reside for a long time. For most of the time, I long for the life I dreamed of. I wanted to be with people to whom I can best resound God’s love. I miss my family. I miss my friends. I dream to live a life of simplicity and purest happiness. I can maybe buy out the material things in store but happiness is not that pure. As a social being, we are created to give out happiness to other people and not just to our own selves. I better choose to go back to my hometown and live a day happily with my family and slowly fulfilling my dreams than lavishly live on my own in the big city. I wanted to go back to the kind of life where reaching out to the needy is a priority. I want to lavishly cook or bake for everybody.

Bottom line of this, as I talked with my father, he telling me my concerns without me telling him about it, making me realize how a parent’s heart is connected to their children despite of distance. He told me to maybe pause sometime and realize more important points of life – to really recognize what’s success for me. I even cried over the phone when he told me to go back to school now to make my dreams come true. What overwhelming is, he even told me of going to school at this point in time.

With this, I know many people would criticize me and even talk about me for taking wrong decisions. Whatever they say, what I only have in mind, with my father’s influence is that, “I am still 19 years old. I am still young. I can still do more things in my life. I can still grab better opportunities present around me. What’s important is I am making way to live the life that I dreamed of while living the life that I loved.” 🙂

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