What’s on the start of the next chapter?

So, it’s been quite some time then when I last posted here. Right now, I am slowly turning the new chapter of my life. The chapter that seemed to be the most challenging and the hardest but certainly the most exciting part of my life.

I remembered the times when I am so excited of life after college. Here I am right now facing the days of uncertainty, sometimes emptiness, sometimes excitement, but most of the time openness to any possible things to happen.

After graduation, I felt great because my days are still listed. My summer or should I better call it the new chapter of my life started with a 5-days Silent Retreat (I’ll post my experiences and learning in a while). Deciding to attend that life-changing event is one of the best decision I made for myself. I guess it is the best way to start my story this time – Finding God, Knowing His ways and knowing what else He called me to do as I continue to wake up each day.

Right after the retreat, peculiar experience is waiting, the 2 days exposure on field. At first, I don’t have any idea what I am going to do on those days. I’ll be hopefully in unpopular distributor of one of the most popular and I guess one of the biggest companies in the world. Ironic indeed, and I am sounding too ambitious on the later side.

The experience seemed to be familiar. The learnings are reaffirming and is broadening my knowledge and realizations. I felt great. I felt excited. I felt pressured all at the same time. Meeting hardworking, skilled, talented and undoubted individuals was such a blessing. I felt so comfortable being with their company.

Everything felt so great these days. There maybe struggles around, I may need to get up and stand on the toughest decisions I will make in my life, still, life will always goes on.

What’s important right now is that I am settled with my life principle, the thing I realized during my retreat that revolved my perspectives and ideals, I will live a simple life, even if there is misunderstanding, in the service for the truth. More on, accepting that God has made the greatest plans for me, I am ready to face the ups and downs of it because I trust Him in all His ways. 

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