My Best Buddy

Life will not explain to you how to live it easily. When asking how, it’s already hard. More even if we try to live the way it should be, the hardest. Through time, as we undergone changes of societal status quo, from a kid to student to an ordinary person asking what’s next for me, we find it so hard to understand why life seems to happen the way it is. We gained so many questions and left with them, unanswered. But, despite of them all, we have an option to whether think of life so much or to just let it flow where the wind blows it.

And I realized those options because of someone. Most of the time, I over thought of what’s happening in my life, that I almost lost my diamond while I was too busy collecting stones everywhere.  Because I was thinking too much of my bright future, I almost lost the idea of enjoying what I have in present.

I may not able to realize this not because of my best Buddy. Yes, my sweetest Baby, my playmate, my comforter, my counselor, my best friend, and one of the reasons why I still hold on and believe in myself and to whatever will happen to my life.

My Best Buddy for Life


This is Franz. I will not call him my boyfriend because he is more than that to me. Not because it’s too mainstream but because calling him such will underestimate his worth to me. 🙂 Recalling the history, we are already 6 years in relationship. But ‘officially’ 4 years and counting to 5. 🙂 But right now (since we broke up for 2 years and then we are together again), we are almost 10 months. 🙂 Confusing, but it’s not about the number of years we are together, but it’s how we have chosen to live our own lives together.

I thanked God for giving him again to me. The 4 years we have was one of my toughest relationships to deal. (speaking about family, friends and other kinds of relationships). But right now, I am so thankful I have him as one of my strengths, indeed my life-saver. He understands me so well despite of how ‘versatile’ and ‘dynamic’ I am. 😀 (taking the positive words of indecisiveness and ever-changing)

He might disagree with me because he knows it’s the right thing for me to do. He agrees with me because he knows it’s good for me. We fight each other, not just seldom but most of the time. But those fights allowed me to learn a lot.

God knows how much I care for him and how much he means a lot to me. I can’t be who I am today, not because of him and my family. He has been my conscience, my good and bad influence at the same time and my motivator.

To Taloy, 

Babe, thank you for everything. I told you that many times. Sorry if I disturb you when you are resting. Sorry if I scold you most of the time. Sorry if I am so lazy to do household chores. Most especially, sorry if I missed the little chances to tell you how much I love you. 

Thanks Babe for being there always for me. For listening to my complaints, for patiently listening to my stories, for answering all my questions. Thank you Babe. We have gone through a lot of things and I know there’s still more to come. I made this post because I miss you already. My day won’t really be complete without having something from you. You word, your voice, your actions to me, everything means the world to me. 

I love you Baby. I can’t wait to see you again. 











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