Our First Photoshoot

We decided to have this as part of the celebration of our anniversary, to have decent photos, to have something to treasure when we get older, and for other people to be happy for us. We never took this photos for other people to talk about. We made this, with the sincerest desire of my best friend to capture our candid moments, for our own happiness. 🙂 So, we hope we made you smile and be inspired to love and care for those persons special to you. 🙂


Everything’s gonna fall into their right place and right time soon. Living a life to fulfill the expectations of other people isn’t healthy – if you are not happy doing it. Asking myself if I’m happy about it? Most likely true. I’m doing their way because it will make them happy, and seeing them happy makes me feel happier. My dreams of becoming someone may lost for now but I know that my God and His time will still be generous in sometime for me to fulfill the dreams of my success and my happiness. The worldly needs and the practical wants of the people around me bind me to do things that I am not good at, and do them excellently. It’s ironic, it’s difficult but I guess, it is worth pursuing and determining.”