The Counted Experience

Before I’ll return this lappy-tappy I’m using right now. I’ll just post this, hopefully, my last blog that I’ll be making about the work that I have right now until tomorrow. 🙂



It was never an easy task to finally decide to let go of what I have right now. From my previous blog posts, I already told the story why did I come up with this final decision to let go of sales and marketing. But above everything else, I am still thankful for the great experiences I had with WDC (Washington Dadiangas Consolidated Distribution – Bluesuns Philippines Inc.) and Procter and Gamble.

For some, 3 months of work was too short to count. But as for me, it seems like years of working. Nevertheless, the 3 months have been fruitful despite of the struggle within me. It was my first time to dig in to the real competitive world. I started to work right after graduation. No more lead time. No more pauses for me. It was indeed very exciting, most of the time tiring and stressful, somehow fun but not my type of game.

As a whole, I am still grateful for the wonderful experience I had as a Management Trainee for Major Accounts Manager. It is indeed, a learning process wherein you get paid. I thank the whole WDC for giving me an opportunity to be part of the team.  To Sir Alex and Ma’am Carlota, our mentors, together with Kuya Carlo, I thanked them for their heartfelt understanding of our own strengths and weaknesses and for assisting us in every step of the learning process. To Kuya Maji and Ate Cherry, who have been there as our company and sharing to us their expertise. To Ate Jonah and our other colleagues, for they have been very welcoming to me and are ready to accept me and be friend with me despite of our age gaps. 🙂 To Ma’am Karen and Sir Eric, for the advices, mentoring, laugh trips and sharing of a piece of our lives. To all the merchandisers and in-store promotional consultants, whom I have been talking to in store and who have helped me a lot in my work. All in all, I thank God for allowing me to know this people, know their life’s stories, learn from them, be inspired by them and enjoy each other’s company.

I may have chosen to close my door for this counted experience, but I will never close my door to meet these people again and the same thing to listen to their stories again and enjoy each other’s presence.

For the next few days of my life without work, preparing to open my new door, I will surely miss the days of waking early, take a ride and go to stores or to somewhere. I will miss the people whom I used to see in my daily route. But above everything, I wish for the company more fruitful days, months and years and that they may continue to live up the value of humility, hardwork and honesty. That they maybe able to truthfully imbibe its essentials and continuously put it into actions and words.

Thanks WDC! May all the odds be in your favor. God bless you and more power! 🙂

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