So long 2012.

2012. This year would not be the best year for me but I guess this has been a meaningful year filled with paradoxical instances of life, faith, challenges, success and failures. I wanted to share now how 2012 became a much hilarious year as I reminisce the jinks of time consumed by memorable experiences and moments

January: The start of the year was never that good for me and for my family. The first 3 days of January went so much distressing. My mother got sick and everybody in the turned to be anxious. It was one of those saddest moments in my life where I thought of giving up and having no one to hold on to but myself.

February: The stress just got along this month. It was a month filled with ups and downs as opportunities, success, challenges, accomplishments alternately took my attention. The highlight of this month is on how I was able to meet new friends during the Aguipo Awards. It was an accomplishment on my part for knowing my capabilities of handling big events. On the same hand, the demands of academics became so pressuring that almost killed my time to fulfill my responsibilities as President of CLM.

March: The stress never ended until the first week of March when I tried to get less than 24 hours of sleep for the whole week of complying all the final requirements. Together with my groupmates we challenged ourselves to have all the oratorical defenses within the same week, one on each day. It was an experience that made me realize how health is important in doing all your work. The rest of the month was filled on undying love illusion. I get used to imagine myself with having special someone. And lastly, a sister’s date where I listened to my sister’s dream made me felt more determined and persevere in living a life we deserve.

April: This was the most exciting part of the year when I was chosen to be one of the interns for L’Oreal Paris Philippines. Though my shift was postponed to the end of the month, the learning for work after school kept my dream alive. Aside from that, at the last day of this month, I will never forget how my dearest friend honestly told us about his deepest secret that changed my perspectives.

May: My blogging month. Here’s when I get to compel myself to blog every day. I included blogging in my to do list every day. On the hype of having a more organized life, not being obsessive compulsive, I tried to manage myself more during this month to prepare for a more stressful semesters. During this month, I started my work as Intern a L’Oreal where I learned a lot and traveled a lot from my different experiences. I even finally bought my own digital camera. My newest partner, Lumix.

June: Facing my last year in school, one thing that made me felt so blessed this month is when I got a chance to host a big event for our division. Appreciation from our big heads in our department that I received was more than to make this month memorable.

July: This was a fun month when my dream of being with my family strolling around the city happened. I may be absent for like 2 days because of that, but it was one of the happiest days this year. It was also this month that I tried to venture out into a relationship I am not that sure.

August: August is never that on the verge of having fun. Tough works were on. But personal conflicts took most of my attention. Questioning some passion and real desires in life.

September: The fun life here is when we went to Manila and the most highlighted event of the year is when we went to Abs-cbn and watched Showtime. Moreover, it was the enjoying moment when we went to Enchanted Kingdom. The whole Manila experience was awesome but after it was the most dreaded part. I got into severe conflict with our teachers, got serious troubles with the students and got sick and lost in my academics.

October: It was this month that felt so emotional after all the stress of the semester and as I just recovered from all the conflicts. Semestral break is on. What made this awesome is when I processed out my passport in preparation for our Malaysia-Singapore trip. And also, for our plans with the barkada of the supposed to be Hong Kong trip.

November: My birthmonth. Not being so superficial, but I guess one thing that made this special is when my former dearest and closest friend, my special someone is with me again. Life was livelier with him right now. I may not be certain as to how long but what’s important is we felt important with each other.

December: As November ends towards the first week of December, another challenge came along in our family when my mother was hospitalized for a week. It was one of the depressing days because compared last January is even more detrimental. We celebrated Christmas and New Year the usual way.

2012 has just ended and I hope for a better year this 2013. 🙂 More luck. More faith. More blessings from God.

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