4 days and 3 nights Budget DIY Itinerary in Boracay

I’m taking a personal challenge with this trip and even trying to prove to my friends that P10,000 is too much for a 4 days and 3 nights all-in vacation in Boracay. A lot of people I knew told me that P20,000 is not enough to suffice your stay in Boracay. They even added that food and water activities and even accommodation were lavishly priced and not reasonable. Hmmmmmm.

The Counted Experience

For the next few days of my life without work, preparing to open my new door, I will surely miss the days of waking early, take a ride and go to stores or to somewhere. I will miss the people whom I used to see in my daily route. But above everything, I wish for the company more fruitful days, months and years and that they may continue to live up the value of humility, hardwork and honesty. That they maybe able to truthfully imbibe its essentials and continuously put it into actions and words.

The Struggle in Silence

I answered…

“I am excited to try the experience of not talking to other people for 5 days. It is challenging. but what made me come here is the time for me to discern, knowing that I have already graduated and still my life is going on, I wanted to know God’s plan for me. I wanted to listen to Him. I wanted to talk to Him.”