Early Friday Morning

Early Morning Breeze

The birds are singing outside as the cold breeze of the early Friday morning touches their tactiles. It’s the 4th of January and everybody is still on the hype of the new year, a year filled with hopes and anticipation. My 4th of January was never that exorbitant as the day woke me up. It is never excited. Instead, it is anxious and petrified. It is yearning for miracles and hopes. The start of the year seemed to frightening as new challenges awaits for me. Challenges that can even be beyond my strength, beyond what I can bear. I am fearful. Fearful of what will happen next. Fearful of the plans of Gods for me yet full of confidence that will never leave me behind. Trusting Him that will never let me down. The long day of the 4th of January is waiting and I need to live again as if everything is fine. Dearest God, you always my heart’s desires. You always know what I can only do. Forgive me Lord for whatever pain I have caused you. I know how several times I sinned against but still, you you welcomed me with open arms. Lord God,I offer to you all my worries and anxities. Let your will always be done. I am deeply asking for you to grant me miracle as I face through these challenges. Amen.

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