A Meaningful Christmas this 2012

You know it’s Christmas when you can see the glittering lights along the streets, the spinning lanterns at the facade of every establishment and the roaming people in the town seeking  for gifts this Yuletide season. Everybody seems to be so busy. Everybody seems to be so excited.

In our country,  the essence of Misa de Gallo can never be missed out. The numerous  Christmas parties and get together fellowship are everywhere. Christmas has always been every little child’s favorite season of the year and as well  mine. It is always been in everybody’s hearts. People who have been  out to seek livelihood most of the time goes  to celebrate this festive season. The longing felt within almost the whole period of the year. It is the time where we can wholly experience  happiness and rest after facing several demands and pressures during the whole year. It is for real the best season to be jolly. It is the season of love and sharing. It is the same way a season of faith, devotion and anticipation.

So, what makes each year different from the others? Of how many times we celebrated Christmas, how can this even be more meaningful each year?

To this year, it’s a Christmas full of challenges and yearning. I can’t say that this will be a sad Christmas. Instead, I can say that this is one of the most memorable Christmas we’ve ever spent. Along with the challenges  to surpass and the anticipating difficulties we will face as the new year will start, indeed, this season is meaningful in the face  of survival, accomplishment and relief.


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