4 days and 3 nights DIY Itinerary in Hongkong and Macau

“I want to go to Disneyland!” “I want to travel abroad but I can’t leave my work for so long.” “I am on a budget but I want to have my passport stamped.”
These travel goals may be running into your mind over and over again. That’s why I am writing this blog post to tell you that a trip to Hong Kong and Macau might be your next travel goal for this year! Sharing to you the details of my recent trip to HK + Disneyland and Macau. (Ohh, I forgot to tell you. It’s already 2 countries in just 1 trip!)

So long 2012.

2012. This year would not be the best year for me but I guess this has been a meaningful year filled with paradoxical instances of life, faith, challenges, success and failures. I wanted to share now how 2012 became a much hilarious year as I reminisce the jinks of time consumed by memorable experiences and moments