Excited to meet you 2013!

Just this afternoon, I ‘NOW’ bought the planner that I always check in all National Book Stores branch here in Davao for countless times making sure that I will not run out of stocks.

I’d like you to meet my newest buddy for 2013. I can’t fathom my happiness of having it with me right now.

Power Planne

You might be wondering why I am so glad when I have this. The reasons are basically, first, this one is really expensive and I’d took a hard time of discerning whether to buy this or not. Second and last, I badly wanted this one.

What's inside?

I superficially desire this because it’s not just a plain planner that I get used to since I started to use one, like 2007 or 2008? The thing that ever compelled me to really buy this is when I see myself  so busy as I’ll get a blast of 2013 when I enter the real world. With God’s endless blessings pouring out to me, I’ll be finishing school, get a job and start a life of survival after the first quarter.

Hello Schedule.

After school is a brand new kind of life that is waiting for me. It might be so hard along the way but I’m hoping to fix things up properly and logically with the help of my new buddy and my motivation to fulfill my dreams. Every day counts in my life as I get older each day.

Getting Ready

Tough things are waiting and I guess, I need to be tougher than them.

There may be a guilt at a start for spending this much for just a planner despite of any alternative/substitutes but I guess, the experiences and changes can’t be equated with any monetary value.

Another plus thing of this planner is a lot of coupons to get avail of. Coffee shops, classes, free make over and stuff. Yehey!

Lastly, the first page of my planner get my spirit to excited to welcome 2013.

Hello 2013

Thank you God for this! 🙂

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