AMARC’s Love for the Children

December 15, 2012

Yesterday was a superb day for me. I got so tired because of few yet energy-demanding activities. In the morning, I caught myself facilitating the First Aid Lecture of my 2nd Year Students on their NSTP Class. Later in the afternoon, we went to Love the Children Foundation, Marapangi, Toril, Davao City.

Before the activity, I was kind of anxious because I didn’t receive any update from my officer-in-charge. Truly, during the unexpected events in our lives we can find true happiness.

We arrived on the foundation around 2:15 P.M. The children numbering almost 20 greeted us. They were very accommodating especially Nanay, the one who’s in-charge of taking care of them.

The event started with a short program that they prepared for us.

Ralph and Shiela Mae entertained us as they sang.

Love the Children Foundation was a non-government organization established to help orphans in Davao City. Some of the children were sent in the foundation because their parents can’t anymore sustain their needs. Shiela Mae was already 10 years in the Foundation. I was amazed as she hosted their little program. She speaks English very well and interact with people nicely. Ralph, a high school student who is also living in the Foundation, is so blessed for having a very good voice.

Hearing from some of their testimonies, the Foundation was so generous for giving these children a life that they deserved.

The kids are preparing for their group yells.

We also played games that made all of us have fun.

Kids are having fun.

The very best thing that made my day as talking to this little kid.

KC Kyle Carlito Villanueva

KC got my attention as I looked at him staring at him. He was a handsome boy. He is speaking a fluent Tagalog. A 5yr old child turning 6 this Dec 21.

Here is our conversation that touched my heart warmly:

Me: KC, magkapatid ba yong dalawang pareho ang superman ang damit?  (KC, are those kids wearing same superman shirt siblings?)

KC: Lahat naman kami dito magkakapatid. (All of us here are siblings.)

Hearing that from a 5yr old child seemed to be overwhelming. Even though they are not biological brothers and sisters, but inside the orphanage they treat each other as real family.

Happiness deep within.

And here is Joseph, a 3 yr old child that made all of us turn into like 10 years younger our age. He is very cheerful and playful.

I was thinking that time that these children are very blessed for being cared by the Foundation. If they are happy with all the gifts we prepared for them, the officers are happier for being inspired by them.

I pray for these children’s safety and I hope that God will find way for their dreams to come true.

I am grateful for God created generous people like the AMARC Officers incumbent and incoming for always ready to share a heart to these children.

Thank you Daph for the pictures. Merry Christmas. 🙂


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