Spicy Fish Fillet

Welcome 2014! And I am ready to start my 2014 with some food cooked with a twist. My bessy/boyfie asked me to cook him something. They’ve got available fish in the fridge and he asked for fish fillet. Actually, the spicy thing on the dish just added up because of the breading. So, here it is. Quick and easy Spicy Fish Fillet.

Malaysia- Singapore Day 2: Malaysia Educational Trip – Winalite International and Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation

The sun is high and freaking heat when we went out from the bus. So we are already in Winalite’s Headquarters. I don’t initially have any idea what Winalite has in store for all consumers. When we entered the office, I found out a common sanitary napkin that my cousin was trying to sell to me. Anion Sanitary Napkin.