Day 2: You are Not an Accident

It’s a good way to start a day by thanking God. Thanking Him because you’ll get to remember how blessed you are for having the chance to see the world’s beauty and experience the greatness of life.

It is so timely that Day 2 topic and what happened to me yesterday lead me to a deeper correlation.

It has been a little while when I get back to write my reflection because Second Semester just started and I need to cope up with the new tasks. But, I thank God again for bringing me to this chance – this time.

For the longest time, I am still in the verge of anticipating what will the future awaits me. A fact that 5 months from now, I will be on the streets looking for job, to earn money, to survive, and to live more. It made me excited as each day passes how I imagine my ways of making the most of life – the dreams I made, fulfilling them, seeing the world, finding people to live with.

But also for the longest time, I am also facing little or much insecurities about life. My assumed to be incompetency, the insufficiency of life, the why’s of my life, I feel them as some hindrances.

But every time I get to be reminded and asked myself, “Why is life like this? Or should I ask, why did God create me if life is like this?” 

I thank the social institutions I entered, the group I joined, this book that I am reading, and the Word of God for always knocking my heart and prompt me with the realness that I am not an accident.

Why did God create me? Because he has plans for me, for you and for the people who lived with us.

Like what my father I always telling me, every little thing in my life, God has already planned for it. I need not to know the reasons why it is going to be that way. Like for instance, if the desires of my heart were not given to me is because God didn’t planned for it. That desire might lead me to something undesirable in the future and He has the best plans for me.

I just want to point out that despite there are unacceptable realities in our lives, we must keep the faith that God has created us uniquely. We need to believe because it is true. The mishaps that occurred, the unfortunate and “I-hope-it-will-not-happen” events that happened, the “I-don’t-want-this” things but we have, we might not what them but we need to trust God and his best plans.

God made us so special. He created us for a purpose. Long before we were born, he has already the plans for our future and until the day we will be with Him again. So, whatever it is in our life, we thanked God for specially giving it to us.

Dearest God, I thank you for allowing me to see the beauty of your creation. Thank you for giving me this kind of life. I may not have everything in this world, but at least I have something. Thank you Lord God for all the blessings and problems You graciously poured onto me, the people around me, the great experiences You have given me to learn, the opportunities to lose and be disappointed and to dream about the future. Thank you God for creating me as I am. Lord God, forgive me for the times that I came to call you just to complain about the insufficiency of  my life, the problems that I can’t handle anymore. Forgive me Lord on this. Lord God, may You never stop to lead this weak heart and make it strong by reminding me that I am your Child and you have the best plans for me. Amen.

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