A Prayer to all victims of Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan

Lord, we are assured that as the days will go by, you will continue to heal all the victims of the calamity. Heal their hearts, heal their wounds, heal their minds and give them renewed life. We also pray for protection to all the people who share their lives to rescue the victims and provide food and shelter for them.We also pray Lord that you may continue to bless those people who have donated and shared a part of their lives, their income, their profit, their little goods to sustain the needs of the victims.

The Struggle in Silence

I answered…

“I am excited to try the experience of not talking to other people for 5 days. It is challenging. but what made me come here is the time for me to discern, knowing that I have already graduated and still my life is going on, I wanted to know God’s plan for me. I wanted to listen to Him. I wanted to talk to Him.”