Special Days through Extraordinary Ways

 Hey! This is me when I was a 3 year old little kid on Montessori Learning School.  🙂

15 years ago, I dreamed of becoming a Doctor. I remember I get used of the fun playing with my neighbors, them as my patients and me as the doctor. I wanted to make other people feel better. I wanted to assist them when they are having difficulties.

All those years, I wanted to make my dream come true. I planned to study medicine in University of Santo Tomas but circumstances just don’t match with my eagerness. I refuted and went to Davao to study.

I went to college taking up Marketing. Yes, I am quite having fun and indeed, I am really learning. During my grade school and high school old days, I oftentimes enjoyed planning events, organizing its very little details, keeping its perfection and the beauty on its success. I found out I’m start to heat up a fire from this kind of work. I talked to different people. I eat different kinds of dishes. I dance. I sing. I take photographs. I’m having parties. It is something that I found myself fit in maybe.

Then suddenly, I just thought of becoming an event organizer in the future, maybe right after graduation. I wanted to be a wedding coordinator. I wanted to make special occasions become worth treasuring. I want to keep memories that will never be forgotten by many. I wanted to collect experiences.

Experiences for a lifetime.

I wish to help people to celebrate special days in extraordinary ways. I love surprises. I want to organize marriage proposals. Those were the sweetest things on earth.

Somehow, event organizing needs a huge investment and large network. But i just hope this fire will keep on burning and produces more heat in the future.

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