To Sir Freddie Serapio

So here’s the messages I read during our Fine Dining Activity at Marco Polo Hotel, Davao City last May 21, 2012.

Hello and good evening everyone. I am speaking in front of you in behalf of the Marketing students of Sir Freddie, particularly the undergraduates. I’ll not tell you if I’ll be standing here for so long or for just a short time. I just want you guys to sit back, relax, and have fun.

Who would have never forgotten a big Man’s Pepsi Cola Stories in every lecture he has? Or who would have never heard his loud and monstrous voice inside the 4 corners of the room? Who would not remember a very tricky exam of 30 items true or false and 30 items multiple choice type of tests? Lastly, who would not be so much grateful, for the convenience of being specially treated during those times of long enrollment processes and adding and dropping months and months ago?

Those were all about and because of Sir Freddie Serapio. I couldn’t count how many times I have heard and even uttered from myself “Buti na lang talaga si Sir Serapio ang program director namin, kundi kasama tayo sa mga pumipila para lang mag-add or drop”. Sir Freddie as a Program Director had performed more than what a lot of people had expected him to do. He didn’t only work as a director but most especially as a mentor and a second father.

There are many times that when I am at home in Midsayap, I always feel proud of telling stories to my Papa and Mama about what I learned in school and some of those are the working experiences that Sir Serapio had generously shared to us and even inspired us to pursue being Future Marketing Bosses.

 When I was still first year, I remembered during the SBG orientation day, all the directors were being introduced. “The Marketing Program Director: Freddie Serapio”. Honestly, I imagined that Big guy at the stage to be very strict, very demanding, and somehow a “terror” type of Director that whenever you talk to him, he will snob at you. I was afraid of his big manly voice and maybe some of you too.

But when I met him inside the classroom during my mktg220 class, it was like, “grabe ni sir” He wasn’t actually the kind of person that I simply think of he was. He was a 359 degree opposite of what I thought of him. One turning point in my Marketing life was during an incident with Sir Serapio when he called me up in class and instructed me to sell to him a Sunsilk shampoo. He added, “sige daw be, tingnan natin ito abilidad ni Joba”. I stared blankly while laughing out so loud with nothing in my head on what to do. I even acted like an endorser instead of a marketer. But he helped me out, for the long time of hating marketing and simply relating it to a food that tastes no good but you need to choke it just to survive. Sir Serapio helped me a lot to change this perspective. He tried and successfully made us enjoy our learning journey. And yes, I loved it now! We might as well hate him for giving us “terror” teachers, but we loved him more because of giving us the best teachers that will really help us to learn. He wanted us to experience the best in school.

Not because tonight is a tribute to him, but honestly, he is a teacher that evidently shows his desires for his students to learn and always learn. According to Bretch and Ate Shey, Sir Freddie on every ordinary teaching day doesn’t miss to give advices to his students. When the class is having a hard time in other subjects, he gives advises that would bring back even a little speck of hope.He is a strict teacher, yet the most considerate strict teacher. More of, Vanessa shared how Sir Freddie helped her out as she shifted to Marketing. I can say that Sir Freddie was very appreciative because he always recognizes the potentials of his students. He wanted us to use our skills and unique talents in various ways that made us his students become more motivated. Like Kuya Carlo, all of us owe a lot to Sir Serapio for teaching us in finding a good target market down to penetrating it.  Similar to Ate Edlyn, Sir Freddie had molded and taught us not only to be a good marketer but also become better human beings.

I just can’t forget those casual conversations I have with Sir Freddie wherein he always give special mentions on how proud he is of the alumni who are successful on their works. On other way, just as according to Kuya Ralf Parcon referring to his batch, Sir Serapio has opened so many doors and opportunities for a lot of students. Truly, no words can express how grateful all of us to him. He has always been judicious in his actions, and he never ceased to support us, despite sort of incidences. For that, the Marketing Batch 2012, wants to give their sincerest thanks and apology.

So I will never let this once in a lifetime chance to thank Sir Freddie for touching the lives of each of us inside this room. According to Kuya Aldwin, Sir Freddie’s support to him has gone beyond classroom walls. I can even affirm to that for Sir Serapio has been there for me during my first steps into the battlefield of my course. From all the recommendations he made for me, the advices for doing the case studies, marketing plans, and mostly especially for always reminding me of the self-worth that most of time I forgotten. Sir Fred, thank you masyado. Like what Paolo said, you have always been there when we needed you most. You have shown us by example the way to lead our lives as we continue to tread our own roads. You have given us your love, and we could not ask for more.

Sir Freddie, we will be miles and miles away from each other but you will never be replaced in our hearts. For sure, I will really miss my closest teacher, my second father who never hesitates to stop for a while when we see each other in the corridors and always asking me, “Oh, kumusta nama Joba? Kumusta na ang klase niyo?” Like Saki said, Apan karon na ikaw mu biya na kanamo paingon lain nasud, magpabilin ghapon sa amo ang imong dakong marka sa kinabuhi sa mga estudyante na imong natabangan. Your teachings, your words, your smile, your encouragements, all of them will be imprinted in our minds and hearts.

As you move to another beautiful place with your dearest family, I wish for your serenity and happiness. I pray that you will not also forget all of us. Sir Fred, marketing program will never be as great again without you. Hopefully for our last year here in College, we will do our best in our studies and in Ateneo Marketing Club not to MYMP but to MSSP. Make Sir Serapio Proud.

We will surely miss you Sir. You will be in our prayers. Thank you and Good evening.

5 thoughts on “To Sir Freddie Serapio

  1. Ethereal says:

    I’ve just learned Prof. Freddie M. Serapio is moving to another country with his family. It is my sincerest prayer that he will find joy and meaning in that place where he chose to be for the rest of his life… God bless you and your family, Prof…

  2. Ethereal says:

    Thanks for sharing information… No, I am not one of his students… My husband and I happened to meet him at Waterfront Hotel,Davao City during one of the fora of the Bishops/Ulama Conference of the Philippines, of which my husband is a member.

    I’ve observed him to be a family man… a good and God-fearing person… It’s sad I was not able to ask his email address and cell phone number. Anyway, I wish him the best…

  3. Ethereal says:

    Good afternoon, Joba! Thank you for the opportunity given to follow posts on comments to Prof. Freddie…Stay blessed…

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