How my Dreams Grow Old

he reality of the world can shift everybody's perspective including the dreams that we are treasuring for several years. So in taking decisions in life, it may not be happening on me right now, but to you who is reading my story, I wish you firmness in making stand to every decision you make and I bid you happiness and good luck to everything that life will offer you. Just don't forget that every single moment that is happening in your life, God planned it for you and his plans are always great and for your best.

Dare to accept the Challenge

These are the places where I stayed for long over my lifetime. These are the places where I have written my stories, have left my footprints, and have created memories. This is Manila, Davao, Midsayap respectively.  I am sentimental kind of person. I keep things important to me even those things that people think to be trashes. I feel … Continue reading Dare to accept the Challenge