Who’ll be that guy?

Just a few hours ago, I spent a good time with my classmates Lord, Karla, Inez and Daphne at Saki‘s house to enjoy the festive dinner. It was an awesome time talking lots and lots of things. Things that even made me think more, decide more, learn more and think about it over and over again.

I even never expected hearing stories of dreams from them that I figured out some of us got the same dreams. These were similar things we wanted to experience by the time we get to live our own lives. We want study culinary, have fashion courses, work in an airlines or cruise, travel around the world, do drumming /guitar lessons. Actually, all of them where things I wanted to try for myself. But as of now, because of a lot things I desired,I got fussed of what is what should be.

But as we even talked and laughed hard, we came into the topic regarding lovelife, marriage, relationships, engagement, love issues, decisions and human idealism.

Aesthetics? Check /

Intelligence? Check /

Financial Stability? Check/

what else? Hmm, audience impact. 😀 Check/

That’s what makes us laugh even harder. These were things we need to consider whenever we get to choose somebody that we’ll live with for the rest of our lives.


Yes, that’s criteria had buffered into my mind. Who’s gonna be my guy? Or what type of guy shall I take into my life? What would I consider most? Financial Stability? Intelligence? For sure not his aesthetics. His attitudes? His culture? There can be a lot of things but we don’t know which of them will be remembered when the time has come that we’ll meet that right person. But wait, how can we know and say his the right one? Those were some of the questions that bothers me. Nevertheless, right now, I am happy the way I lived, though alone but satisfied and contented.

I just hope someday whenever I’ll meet that person, I’ll have the right decision to take him with me everyday.

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