You are the awesome-ess

I am referring to the THUMBS-UP! 🙂

Just got home from my first day of On-the-Job Training at L’Oreal. I tell you, I had fun. I enjoyed it. It was superb. Though I just sat for the whole long day, still the numbness of my ass is all worth it. Learning the marketing sophistication and all those roll calls of trade, visual marketing and sales, meeting new inspiring people from L’Oreal was the great moments. Yes, those people are inspiring. The incident even made me think that a person need not to be the most popular to be called great. Just a simple gesture of humility will do.

Anyway, not much on my blog today for my First day of work. I’ll just post it maybe later if I’m not yet sleepy. But there is something I wanted to share to you today. This is something my two good friends are waiting for. (Hey you! I know you are reading this now!) (corny, oa, tanan na. HAHA!)

I have this very good friend of mine that for me was a bit of mysterious, closed and kinda interesting. Yes, I appreciated this friend of mine for taking time to shout out the feelings that my friend was getting a hard time to keep for a couple of years already. This is something that will even change my friend’s life for the rest of time and turn it to become a roller coaster ride. I can’t talk so much how of what really happened it between ticks of the clock for some reason.

What I am really sure of is of how amazed and proud I am as this friend of mine had gained sufficient courage and strength to face this difficulty. If I am on my friend’s shoes, for sure I would have already locked up my self in a room and shut my mouth up. But hey! my friend was the awesome-ess. 🙂 My friend deserves a hundred bucks of thumb-ups! My friend had overcome the worries and anxieties that my friend was bringing for so long.

To what had happened, I am thankful that my friend had given me trust that I must take care of. I am even more thankful that God made my friend a channel to let me see how open the world is and how many possibilities are readily laid down for everybody.

I just wanted to tell my friend that to whatever decision you will make, I will stand still right behind your back to support and comfort you. 🙂 Swear, I love you friend. I love you friends! You are the real awesome-ess. 🙂 Stay pretty like me. ♥


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