Lesson 1: Factors Affecting our Work

Hello there! Another day again. I attended my first day of my hopefully last Summer Class.

Big A-W-E-some! That’s what I can say about my new Teacher Sir Kelvin Koting in my Practicum 1: Training for Transformation class today. It seems like during our first day of class, I had already learned a lot from him especially about work. I”ll just share to you some of them:

Below are the factors that will affect our work, definitely on how productive we are upon working. He told us that in our workplace, it isn’t MONEY that makes everything going but instead it is the woman-to-man sexual attraction and building relationships. Money can be diminished and earned but our relationship with other people will always last once cherished.

  • EDUCATION – I am an Atenean. Some people have this assumption   that upon job application an Atenean will always get hired. But what is the truth is that, it isn’t we are just PREFERRED among the others. The qualification of getting the job is not on where you graduated but on how good you are as a person.
  • MENTAL HEALTH  – A lot of job applicants always questions why there is a need to take a mental examination prior to hiring. Is it that those who got high IQ can only be hired? Not precisely, but exams should be taken for the company to know whether you are insane or sane. Just as simply as that.
  • PHYSICAL FITNESS – this factor is what our teacher has given more emphasis, my Father too as I can remember. Not all kind of work is applicable to one person. This refers to your size, your height, and your ability like to walk, to see things regardless of distance, speak clearly and the like. The lesson here is we must take good care of all the faculties and senses that we have, our feet to walk, our hand to hold, our eyes to see and others. Once these senses are damaged then there will a whole lot of change to whatever kind of work you will be doing.
  • AMBITION – this is our driving force to keep doing our work. We must know our ambition. It is never wrong to be ambitious however getting stick to it without considering any practicality will make you paranoid.
  • PEOPLE – it can the people we can work with, or our family and friends. These people whom we create relationship affect us on the decisions we will make regarding our work.

There’s more of this factors. If you want to know more, just post your comment here.

I thanked God that I am almost ending my day with a lot of things I already finished to do. Another day tomorrow. I hope to learn more things from my surroundings. 

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