My “Little” Inspiration.

Hey ya there! Good thing I’m back here in Davao because I can already post blogs every night. 🙂 Too bad I’ll be missing my family again in Midsayap, Cotabato. It was really a long vacation for me but it seems like the days had gone so fast and tomorrow’s gonna be our first class for Summer 2012. And it will be my first time tomorrow to wear to On-the-Job training uniforms.

I really don’t know what’s the highlight of my day because there was a lot of things  I did today. However, I’ll just share everything that happened since this morning.

This is my first day to write a reminder using my personalized "reminder"

I woke kinda early because that was what I wrote in my schedule – precisely it’s 7am. :)) But I woke quarter to 8am. I have my breakfast and assisted my little sister to eat her breakfast too. I wanted to assist her by myself because I was playing with her while eating. She’s quite getting thin because she forgets to eat because of playing with her new friends inside the house and Mama and Papa is so busy. I was telling her that she must have more or less 12  – 15 spoonfuls of rice with viand. Good thing she’s having much appetite right now.

I started to put all the things I’ll bring back to Davao at the same time, doing stuff I wrote in my reminder.

Then I asked my little sister if she wanted to come with me to get my uniform from the dress shop near the Church.

I got this photo from I found this when I searched for Midsayap Church in Yahoo. 🙂

I walk her around the Church and as usual, she was asking a lot of questions like, “Saan na si Papa Jesus Ate?” (Elder Sister, Where is Papa Jesus ?) And then, we knelt down in front of the leader and we prayed together. It was just that in everytime I hear her praying to God it makes my tears fall. Maybe because at her very young age I can feel how much she really cares for our family. Kaelyn Ann was just a 4 year old little girl.

My best friend and little teacher.

She always say to her prayer. “Papa Jesus, thank for the food we eat. Thank you for Mama, Papa, Ate Excel (my second sister), and Ate Oba (that’s me, my nickname is Joba but she tends to call my that way.) Please guide Me, Ate Oba, Ate Excel in our school. Please be help Mama and Papa. Amen.

For several times, she has been the one to remind of every little but important things in my life that I already forgot because of no certain reasons. She always makes me smile. She always call me. She is everything that we have in our family. I don’t think that without her we can’t be this happier now. She is our treasure. She is my inspiration to keep moving. If there is one that I am so proud of, that is being her sister, her big Ate.

I remembered when we were just walking back home and she drinking a Melon shake, a big truck was approaching us. She said to me, “Ate Oba, you should cover your nose and your mouth because the smoke come inside and you will be sick.”

As I was traveling this late afternoon, I realized how I’ve been so lost for the past year I lived my life. I lose my inspiration and motivation. I’d thought of myself too much because of the thinking that I already made everything too much. Yet, with God’s power, I thought that there are more years for me to live if He wills to give me. I have more learning to take in my life. I have more experiences to be happy and see His presence through the people around me especially my family. I just hope that on the next days I will even see Him in a clearer picture.

For tonight, I am almost done of all my tasks. Hoping that God will give me another chance to the sun rise again. Good night. :))

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