Our First Photoshoot

Alright, so people endlessly talked about these photos. They considered it as pre-nuptial photos and talked about the wedding to be so soon. But for the two of us, we are just laughing so hard upon hearing them all. Can’t couples take beautiful photos like these? Oh c’mon. It’s a work of art. It’s a manifesto of love and friendship. I’m sharing these all to you. 🙂

JobaandFranz (1)-vert



JobaandFranz (14)


JobaandFranz (18)



JobaandFranz (17)


JobaandFranz (22)


JobaandFranz (12)-horz

JobaandFranz (10)

JobaandFranz (9)




Here’s my top-picks of our shots. 🙂

JobaandFranz (15)

JobaandFranz (6)

JobaandFranz (4)

Just like any movies, here are some of the REAL photoshoot. 🙂 Or let’s just say in mainstream – the bloopers. This is who we are and how we are together. 🙂




Above all these things, this wasn’t made made to flaunt away our affection for each other. This even a mean to take public display of affection of what common people think of. We decided to have this as part of the celebration of our anniversary, to have decent photos, to have something to treasure when we get older, and for other people  to be happy for us. We never took this photos for other people to talk about. We made this, with the sincerest desire of my best friend to capture our candid moments, for our own happiness. 🙂 So, we hope we made you smile and be inspired to love and care for those persons special to you. 🙂




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