The Value of Process by Coach Pia

Days are passing so slowly and still I’m catching up. 

Last Sunday, after I watched Rated K in ABS-CBN, it featured a life of a couple who undergone so many ups and downs in life who did the wife alone recovered after a trauma of losing her husband from being shot, losing business and almost ending her life. She’s into life coaching. Then just recently, I’m starting to look for a job to suffice my personal expenses. I browsed the internet and felt so much frustration and disinterest. So, I remembered life coaching. I googled life coaching and found out several life coach. Coach Pia sounds familiar to me. I opened her website and read through it. I’m sharing this note as it struck me the most.

The Value of the Process 

1.    People tend to create so much drama out of their processes, unconsciously wanting to show others how hard this process really is. They blow up their problems, wasting their time and energy over feeling sorry for themselves, beating themselves up for their failures or projecting their negative process to the people they encounter. Taking yourself too seriously is a sign of pride – your wanting to show off to others that you are in a tough and challenging environment and success is not easy to attain.

2.    The value of the process is priceless. Many people regret the process when they are not instantly rewarded for their efforts. We are our worst critic and we often love to emphasize to ourselves all our faults, our failures and our mistakes. We do not easily realize that no one else really knows about all these things and that if we only stop judging ourselves, it will already make a big difference for us.

3.    The value of the process lies in your recognizing that it is internal to you and that no one else knows how well you are doing – thus, there is no need for all the drama. Be comfortable in knowing that as you patiently wait through your process, you become more capable of owning your goals, your deepest desires. Get over the drama and allow the process to be your guide.

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