4 days and 3 nights Budget DIY Itinerary in Boracay

Summer went so fleeting for me that I can’t get enough of what I’ve got. I’m still up for more flying and wandering. Many thanks to some of the low-cost airlines that never stopped to go on sale. I hurriedly booked my travel buddies to Boracay because I am so curious why it is known to be one of the best islands in the world and so, the Philippines is so proud of it..

Before the trip, I still got a big problem because Franz and Rose can’t come with us for the trip. So, we’ve got two available tickets and I opted to sell it. Unfortunately, no one got our best deal. I’m taking a personal challenge with this trip and even trying to prove to my friends that P10,000 is too much for a 4 days and 3 nights all-in vacation in Boracay. A lot of people I knew told me that P20,000 is not enough to suffice your stay in Boracay. They even added that food and water activities and even accommodation were lavishly priced and not reasonable. Hmmmmmm.

But I am always never doubtful of my skills – negotiation skills and budgeting. 🙂

Anyways, I’m sharing to you the itinerary I made for our trip and also included here is our cost.




We have 2 legs of flight bound to Boracay: Davao to Cebu and Cebu to Caticlan. We left Davao around 10:30am via AirAsia and spent quite long time in Mactan Airport waiting for next flight around 3:30 PM via Cebu Pacific. For one way ticket to Boracay via Caticlan, it costs per person around Php 1300. Most of the time, flights bound to Caticlan are very expensive. I am just so lucky to have booked a very cheap for it. This means no more long road trips on our way Boracay from Iloilo or Kalibo. We arrived in Godofredo P. Ramos Airport or Boracay Airport around 4pm. We walked towards the queuing area of tricycle bound to Tabon Port. Please check the fares and other fees above. 🙂

I don’t have a hotel reservation and we still don’t know where to stay up until that hour. Not because of my new friend Rachelle, whom I met only in Boracay but I knew her because of the newly emerged group of travelers in Facebook through Two Monkey Travel Forum. She and her friends were also in Boracay and fortunately, they were ahead of us. She might have a not good experience with their first hotel reservation but she was directed to a better accommodation by a recommendation of a Boracay locale. It’s Alice in Wanderland in Station 2.

Upon arrival at Tabon Port, the tourism office will have somebody to guide you. (TIPS: These tourists guides might not tell you to pay them for a fee, but it is your discretion to give them any amount for a tip.) Anyway, we just let the Ate accompany us until we reach the hotel so that in case the hotel referred to us by Rachelle is full, she can suggest where can we stay best. We gave here Php300.00.

We settled down and prepared ourselves for a quick sunset walk in Boracay.

Sunset in Boracay

Before anything else, I encouraged my friends to have a henna tattoo in Boracay. Because I have a habit of having inked when I am in a beach vacation. I have a whale tattoo at my back.


We were already starving and we had our light dinner at Andoks. 🙂 And then, we continued to enjoy the night walking towards the party/shopping/food hub of Boracay – Station 2. We were then tired walking along the long stretch of the beach and get back to the hotel to rest and energize ourselves for a jam-packed adventure the next day.


We woke up early to see the sunrise, the beautiful Boracay early in the morning and breathe the morning sea breeze. And someone offered me a hair-braid service and I couldn’t say no before it really part of my bucketlist when in Boracay. I really planned for it because after the trip I am ready to cut my hair short. 🙂

IMG_5188After a quick breakfast, we took a lot of patience and haggling to finally got the right package for the Helmet Diving, Parasailing and FlyFish activity. And luckily, we’ve got it all three for only Php1,550 per person.

Helmet Diving

✔Experience 25KGS HELMET DIVING 🙂



We don’t have photos during the Flyfish activity because no one can take us a photo while riding on it. 🙂

We then had a quick lunch at a cafeteria near at the hotel and then slept our lungs in after all of the amazement and screaming during the activities. We are then ready for another walking tour at night. But too bad, it rained that night so we just dip ourselves in the swimming pool in the hotel.  🙂


Trying to rush before it’s 10am for our island hopping, we bought souvenirs in D’Mall and D’Talipapa. We bought shirts and key chainsfor our friends and loved ones. We’ve got a good deal for the island hopping package for the whole day for only Php 550.00 with free buffet lunch.

We had snorkeling near the Crocodile Island.


We visited Crystal Cove but we never went inside because the entrance fee is worth Php 200.00 and we will only stay there for only an hour. So, we just opted to swam in the beach and tanned. wow! 😀 Then we had our buffet lunch at Tabon Port, the food was just enough to fill in my hungry stomach. By midday, we had another snorkeling activity again. Then we tried fresh sea urchin. And I was kinda frustrated when the guide told us that we can’t go at the Puka Beach because he current is very strong. Instead, we will go to Ilig-Iligan Beach.

When we were sailing already, I’ve noticed that the current is really strong and we were sailing against the wind. I thought we will already go back. I noticed beautiful beaches everywhere and I wanted to go there. And then suddenly, we dock on a paradise right before my eyes. THE PUKA BEACH!!!! 🙂

Puka Beach

We were all excited and screaming and excited and screaming again for seeing such a beauty. So far, this is one of the best beach I’ve ever been. I am really repeating to myself that we should have been there and stayed there longer instead of staying in Crystal Cove earlier that day. The water was so clear and the sand was so fine and so white and I contain my happiness. There are no other tourist there, no stores, no signs of metropolitan. It’s heavenly and outstanding.

C360_2015-06-29-15-36-22-842When we got back to beachfront in Station 2. We swam till we got tired and enjoyed the waves and the beautiful sunset before we will finally say “see you again Boracay”.

IMG_5475And the best way to end the perfect vacation in Boracay is a sumptuous dinner with my travel buddies at one of the finest restaurants there – Sea Breeze Cafe.



It’s already a “See you again Boracay” for us 4. We woke up early and commuted to Port back to Tabon Port where we will ride a van bound to Kalibo. We spent Php1145 for the one way back to Davao. However, we traveled around 2 hours from Caticlan to Kalibo. We left Caticlan around 6:30 am and arrived around 8:30 am. Had our breakfast at a restaurant in front of the airport and waited for our 11:00 am flight to Cebu and 3:00 pm flight to Davao.

So, all in all, the breakdown is this:

  • AIRFARE: Php2,360 + Php 400.00 Terminal Fees in Davao and Kalibo (Php200 each)
  • OTHER TRANSPORTATIONS: Php390 including the Van from Caticlan to Kalibo airport
  • ACTIVITIES: Php 1550 (Parasailing, Helmet Diving, Flyfish) + Php 550 (Island Hopping)
  • HOTEL: P1,008 (for 3 nights per person)

Total of P6,258 inclusive of what is listed above except for food, pasalubongs and other optional activities like hair braid and henna tattoo.

But for our trip, I only spend Php8,376, rounded to Php8,500 inclusive of everything. 

One last important tip for you, we went there last June 27-30, 2015 which is a non-peak season that is why activities and hotel are way cheaper. Example is our hotel, on a non-peak season it only cost Php1008 for a deluxe room while on a peak season similar room, it will already cost you P2500. That’s double the price. So, if you want to visit Boracay for a budget-friendly trip then travel between June 1 to November 15. That’s the non-peak season. The peak season is from November 16 – May 30.

So, I think your P10,000 is too much for a 4 days and 3 nights All-in vacation in Boracay. 

23 thoughts on “4 days and 3 nights Budget DIY Itinerary in Boracay

  1. Salve says:

    Hi, ask ko lang if you have any contact number where you got your package for Parasailing, helmet diving & Flyfish activities? Same as your island hopping? If not, kahit name nalang nung agent please? I’ll appreciate it a lot. Thank youuuu! 😊

    1. Joberlyn R. Manaois says:

      Hi Salve, actually I do not have but there a lot of people who will offer you packagaes once you are already there in Bora. Make sure to haggle up until the price that we got because so far as I know that’s cheap already. 🙂

    1. Joberlyn R. Manaois says:

      For Boracay? I think it would be cheaper if you get Puerto Prinsesa to Cebu then Caticlan or Kalibo. 🙂

  2. ida santiago says:

    hi po, our flight from caticlan back to manila is 8:35 am, what is the earliest boat ride from bora to caticlan. and what time should we live our hotel?

    1. Joberlyn R. Manaois says:

      Hi Ida, last time we left around 5am. 🙂 Last time we ask there was 4am trip. Maybe you can around 5am. 🙂

  3. Stella says:

    Hi! Just want to ask if same people/agent/business lang ba yung pina-book nyong Island hopping and other water activities? It’s really cheap for the Island hopping.. hehe And is it in Station 2?

  4. Nicel says:

    Hello Miss Joberlyn, i’m so thankful i’ve found your blog. I found it so helpful, it fit to our plan. Our trip will be this coming november 2016 and I can’t find the contact number for “Alice in the wonderland” hotel. I hope you had and help us. God Bless you always.

    1. Joberlyn R. Manaois says:

      Hi Nicel! Thank you for your kind words. Nawala ko din yong calling card nila eh. 😦 so sorry. But maybe you can check booking.com or sa facebook if may page sila. 😊

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