1 and Counting .. Pt 2 – Isla Reta, Talicud Island

Just right after we arrived at downtown Davao from Eden, it was past noon and we haven't took our lunch. we already started to prep for our next adventure - to the sea. We had our grocery and headed to Sta.Ana Wharf catching up the last boat trip going to Talicud Island. We brought with … Continue reading 1 and Counting .. Pt 2 – Isla Reta, Talicud Island

Our First Photoshoot

We decided to have this as part of the celebration of our anniversary, to have decent photos, to have something to treasure when we get older, and for other people to be happy for us. We never took this photos for other people to talk about. We made this, with the sincerest desire of my best friend to capture our candid moments, for our own happiness. 🙂 So, we hope we made you smile and be inspired to love and care for those persons special to you. 🙂

1 and Counting … Pt. 1 Eden Nature Park and Resort

Quoting these lines from my previous blog post. Recalling the history, we are already 6 years in relationship. But ‘officially’ 4 years and counting to 5.  But right now (since we broke up for 2 years and then we are together again), we are almost 10 months.  Confusing, but it’s not about the number of years we are … Continue reading 1 and Counting … Pt. 1 Eden Nature Park and Resort

My Family Uniform

My 2013 Checklist: 4. Attend a family reunion while wearing matching shirts - CHECKED! 🙂 Taaaraaaan! Here's our family shirt. We wore this last Christmas 2012 during our family  Christmas party. My father chose the color, I had the design, but the fonts were chosen by the shirt printer, and my mother is the over all … Continue reading My Family Uniform