To the One who get me in the way.

Why can’t there be pauses for time to pass? That as it continues to tick day by day, it brings tougher and harder battles that requires a stronger heart and a clearer mind to go with it.

I see myself stronger, wiser and better now than who I was before. Thanks to the chances I took, decisions I made and comfort zones I broke! I couldn’t see myself way back years ago as to who I am and what I have become without someone who keeps on holding my back while pushing me to take those chances, to make those decisions, to break those comfort zones. Someone who celebrate with me my success and made me learn from my failures.

I couldn’t let this day to just pass ordinarily without telling everyone how truly blessed I am to have someone like him in my life. I would like to make him feel extra extra special because he truly deserve it!

It pains me deeply how other people would tell something undesirable about him, about us, predict the future, compare him to others, and so forth. Sometimes, I just can’t bear it that I throw a wild joke to make the conversation light. That every time it happens, my only thoughts are “I wish they have known him the way I knew him. I wish they have seen his tears at night while telling me his regrets. I wish that they have heard his dreams and contagiously feel so ambitious. I wish that they’ll have a single glimpse how beautiful his soul is. And I wish that they’ll also feel so blessed like the way I do because I have him.”

Thank you for being the all-around person in my life. You are incredibly my best friend, my brother from another mother, my ‘in case of emergency, please notify’, my no 1. and only fan, my ‘goals’ mate whether it’s relationship or travel, my PA, my bad vibes absorber, my alarm clock, my real-life Siri and to do list reminder, my proxy, my locator because ‘if people can’t contact me, they contact you or most of the time, contact you immediately to tell me.’ and above all else in this world, my leftover-eater because we should not waste any food on the table.

Happiest Birthday to my boyfriend ever since the world begun! Don’t ever forget how much we love you and we will always be proud of you and we are so excited to finally see your dreams coming true!


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