2022: From Hustling to Healing

We just need to embrace them – the pain, the downfall, the struggle as it may lead to REAL BROKENNESS. Real brokenness is when God is breaking all our outer shells – breaking off the shells of independence, self-reliance, rush of hustling, and all other earthly things that prevents Him from coming in to our lives.

Weaning is Winning

Weaning off feels like I am winning my long-time battle. The past 4 days were terrible. I was dozing off, nauseous and weak. With all the difficulties and anxiety I experience as I wean off, I keep on reminding myself that I can get over this soon. By then, I will no longer depend on anti-depressants to get me through the day.

When do you need a downtime?

Well from these questions, you’ll know if you need some downtime right away. If you get confused while answering, I’m leaving you with a reminder that give yourself something you will be thanked of and not regret of. Because no one – even work- should dictate when you need some downtime.