When in Dahican, Mati City

It was August and me and my can’t beat the travel bugs so we are up for a quick trip nearby. It’s Kadayawan Festival in Davao City so we need to be somewhere not too far but totally worth it for us not to miss the celebration and the same time, for my friends to get back to work immediately. And I thought of getting a chance to see what Dahican beach has to offer.

There’s 10 of us but since I can only accommodate 6 persons including myself, so the other 4 need to commute. We left Davao City on the 21st of August (holiday) around 5:30 am and finally arrived in Dahican around 10:00 am because of so many stopovers.

First stopover is the famous big indicator of Davao Oriental.


Second is the famous sleeping dinosaur that we had so much anticipation at first before we finally knew where it is.


We stopped at two locations, first is just along the highway with the signage and second, is the one where visitors used to stop for a better view. That’s the photo on the lower right.

And finally we arrived at Mati City, we asked for directions to Dahican beaches then towards Cinco Masao. That’s the beach resort I researched online because it can accommodate the 10 of us with cheaper rates. However, it is not what we actually expected. The room can only accommodate two persons and the rest will have to sleep outside of the cottage. And there’s no sand in the beaches so, it’s a ‘next please’.

We visited Dahican Surf Resort that we just passed by. It is the resort that my friend suggested. The room is worth P2000 for 5 persons with individual double deck beds. Since we are 10, we decided to take it and two persons need to sleep in one bed. hahaha. So we need to pay additional 1000 for the entrance fee of the 5 additional persons. That’s 3000.

We don’t have other choice since other accommodation are either more expensive or doesn’t have the experience we wanted. haha. Anyway, we grilled our lunch and prepared everything for a great experience in Dahican.


We also tried skimboarding. It was part of my bucketlist! But I always failed. hahaha! Maybe it’s not what I really wanted. But I am so happy I have experienced it.

More of beach love with Franz this time.


All in all, Dahican is such a beauty. The waves are wild!!! For those who do not know how to swim, I recommend to be extra extra careful because the waters will  take you somewhere deep.


What I loved the most during our Dahican trip is the beautiful sunrise that is more beautiful than other sunrise sessions I’ve seen so far. But overall, I can go back for some reasons. 🙂 For a quick surfing and skimboarding, Dahican is definitely your choice!

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