A Prayer to all victims of Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan

After the super typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines, it left loss among many families, devastated livelihood of the citizens, wounds, pains and struggles and nevertheless, a dreaming coming true that all people become one to help each other. But we can’t ask for another super typhoon to realize the need to help other people. Every day God made us realize that we should love one another as much as we love ourselves. Maybe this time, it is worth to prove that love.

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Dearest Lord God, our Father, Maker of all things, our Provider,

We know Dearest God that you know the pain and struggles of your people. We know that you have given us this kind of pain because you know that we can bear them all. You told us that you will never give us any problem that we can’t handle. From this downfall Lord, we rise up again with you having full hopes and strength in hearts that you will never abandon us. The typhoon may shaken many people’s faith, but it will never be gone because you are there constantly saving us.

The victims may have lost their loved ones but we know they are with you in complete happiness and peace right now. They may have lost a lot of their means to survive but you’ve given them your instruments of love and generosity through all the people who endlessly donate and assist them all these days of struggles.

Lord, we are assured that as the days will go by, you will continue to heal all the victims of the calamity. Heal their hearts, heal their wounds, heal their minds and give them renewed life. We also pray for protection to all the people who share their lives to rescue the victims and provide food and shelter for them.We also pray Lord that you may continue to bless those people who have donated and shared a part of their lives, their income, their profit, their little goods to sustain the needs of the victims.

In this time Lord, we thank you for creating generous hearts among all citizens not only in the Philippines but in the whole world. With this calamity, you’ve brought different races into one and that is to renew the face of the earth.

We ask all of this through your son Jesus Christ with the intercession of the Blessed Mother Virgin Mary. Amen.

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