Throwback OJT at Panabo and Tagum City

Hello! Thank you L’Oreal for giving me chance to visit Panabo and Tagum City for a day because of Account Profiling assignments. I am not that familiar with the place but I am so much excited to travel alone and take steps on the Davao del Norte‘s long roads.

I went there last May 17, 2012. I departed Davao City at around 9:00am heading to arrive at Panabo around 10:00am just in time of the opening of the store.




I was scolded by a big man when i first arrived at Panabo. Yes, it was my first time. It so funny how I had a hard time looking for the exit way. Then I was scolded that I was going toward a wrong way. Good thing I got my eyeglasses on. HAHA! 😀

I went to the store, had my brunch and get on duty.

Off to Tagum.

Here I am again, seeing those cute all green tricycles everywhere. I first visited the new Gaisano Mall. I was astonished by its architectural designs and its interior, though its common. I went to the 4th floor, seeing no stores open, looking for the food court, then I went down again and figured out the fgured out was on the lower ground. tssss. HAHA!




Spaghetti for snacks. Ready for duty.

Spaghetti at Tagum. So meaty. :)

Went to Warehouse, Gaisano Grand, JS Gaisano and NCCC Tagum. I never thought of Tagum having 4 Gaisano stores. whooo! When I am at NCCC, rawr! I lose handle of my camera. I dropped into the floor. I was like screaming and hating what happened. I got panicked and switching each angles of it seeking damages. Yehey! My camera’s alive! Then I saw this cute bow family. Very cute. Art is simply amazing.





Clarence, my friend who is residing in Tagum told me to visit the Trade Center and try their Barbeque specialty by 6pm. But unfortunately, Mama called up and told me not to stay very late. So I walked around and luckily saw these street vendors of banana and camote cues for a very cheap price. Never miss this chance, I bought mine.







I then when home. But one thing that made my day, I just simply remembered the sweet moments I had during my first visit at Tagum.  Nothing to mention more about it. It is just a memory to be cherished and will always be remembered in Tagum.


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