All I ever ask.

Dearest Lord,

First of all, I wanted to thank you for all the blessings you have showered upon me. This life, the people around me, your gifts to me, all the blessings, the challenges, the problems, the trials, the success and the happiness. Lord, thank you for giving the years of my existence to experience the kind of life you wanted to see and feel. I thank you for the meaningful times worth of sweat, tears, smiles and laughter. Thank you so much for my family, my friends, my Papai, my loved ones and those who are dear to me. Lord, thank you for making me realize my life’s worth and the plans you made for me.

Forgive me Dearest God for the many times I refused to look back on you. Sorry for the times I neglected you and chose to take my steps on my own. Sorry Lord for causing you too much pain and sadness. Sorry for my failures as your child. Sorry for being disobedient and impatient. Lord, forgive me for the many times I have caused troubles for myself, for others, especially to my loved ones. Sorry for being too lazy at sometimes, selfish.

Lord, for quite some time, I was taking myself for some kind of what I consider to be a rest time of my life. Some time for me to think about my life, the things I would have and need to do in order to maximize the gifts you gave me and in order to live out a meaningful life and realize all the plans you made for me. I don’t know Lord if I am on the right track of my thoughts. I trust my instinct Lord. But I wanted more to hear from you if this is what you would really want me to do. Lord, I choose to pursue my childhood dream to become a Pediatrician, to become a doctor. I wanted to become a healer like you. I wanted to touch the lives of others and extend their lives here on earth, expecting them to believe in You. If this will seem to be the way which I can be your instrument Dearest God, let your ways happen to make it true.

Actually Lord, it’s my first time to be so hysterical with the decisions I will be making for my life. It’s never easy. I wanted to be bless by you if this should be my path to take or am I losing much of myself. I know it will sacrifice a lot for my family, for my time, for the improvement of our lives, but Lord, if this is what you want for me then let it be. I will endure everything Lord whatever it takes for me to fulfill my duty to help those who needed help. I can’t do away with the thought of it as a better career, a better profession, a more decent one, but I am more concern if this would really the plan you wanted me to live out and if this will really give me the fulfilling happiness that I can have in this lifetime.

Dearest God, I am asking from you to let me see, feel, hear and learn from you if I am taking this path correctly. I wanted to dedicated my life in serving you Lord God, until the day I die and the way I can think to make it happen is through this. Lord, guide me. Bless me with your Word Dearest God. Keep my heart strong as I face the struggles of life in making your plans happen to me. Whatever it is Lord, I am willing to accept on how you have planned for my future, for my family and for my future family, if ever.

I am offering my life to you Lord. Use me Dearest God on ways you wanted to. I am ready Lord. I am wholeheartedly prepared to whatever it is that is waiting for me. I am offering to you my dream Dearest God of becoming a Pediatrician. I am offering you my family. I am offering my life until you take it from me. Amen.

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