The Script

Forgive me for doing this, but because here’s the only thing I can do to prepare myself to talk to my parents as I present to them my plans. Isn’t it too overrated to prepare this much? I don’t care much for it then right now, what matters most to me now is how do I be able to lay down to them my plans that I can start working for it the soonest possible time.

I am thinking twice whether to talk first to my father or to my mother. I am gauging some support that I can possibly get to boost up my spirit and be more determined. After all this time of thinking deeply, weighing the advantages and disadvantages, moving forward and holding back, I am now ready and fully decided to pursue my dreams.

So, what is it?


I wanted to ask first my parents, whether I can go back to school this coming school year. June 2014-2015. This means, I’ll be hopefully entering medical school as first year student, my second sibling to be fourth year high school, and my youngest sibling to be on her 2nd grade. Quite expensive. Indeed, really expensive. Going to medical school not really a joke. So, here’s my plan. I will take the National Medical Admission Test on April 2014. That I can prepare well for the test knowing I am so left behind with health and sciences knowledge. I don’t want to risk much on taking the exam in Davao on November 24, 2013 because it’s way to early and I am not really that prepared mentally and emotionally. So, for the remaining months from September 2013 – March 2014, I will prepare myself in reviewing for NMAT. At the same time, I will do my best to save money as much as possible in preparation for my doctorate degree. For 6 months, I hope to save as much money as I can by helping my father in his work and manage our business well.

By May, hopefully after I get my coveted 90+ NMAT result, I can enroll to West Visayas State University – La Paz in Iloilo City. Here’s the partial cost we will be spending.

1. Filipino Students
Tuition Fee ————— PhP 14,000.00
Matriculation Fee ————— 150
Library Fee ————— 1,500.00
Medical/Dental ————— 100
Athletics ————— 150
Cultural ————— 150
SDF ————— 1,500.00
AV ————— 500
Departmental Fee ————— 500
Science Lab ————— 1,500.00
Entrance Fee (1st Year only) ————— 50.00
ID ————— 80.00
Tree Planting ————— 75.00
Red Cross ————— 15.00
Journal Fee ————— 150.00
PhP 20,420.00

So, that will be around P50,000 per semester including the books, board and lodging. I am also planning to become a working student to suffice my everyday allowance. So, that makes around P400,000 for 4 years of studying. If this happens, I can bring in my sister to Iloilo for her to study also in West Visayas or maybe in UP Visayas.

I am making this plan that I can concretely tell my father about it. So, I will now run down my reasons why I wanted to pursue for it. The other day, I wrote my reasons why I wanted to become a Pediatrician.


I wanted to remind my father the deal he told me before I took up Marketing, that is to go back to school again whenever I found out I’m not loving the kind of work I am doing in Marketing. I wanted also to tell him about my dream of putting up a business after I become a Pediatrician. A business which will suffice the expenses I needed to survive, to give me the comforts of my life. That I am choosing to become a doctor to live out my life’s happiness and making into actions God’s plan for me.

I know he will understand. I am hoping he will really understand the sentiments of my heart. I hope he can feel the real desires of it. I hope he will listen to my calling.

To dearest God, please send your Holy Spirit that I can speak with strength. That I can speak with the truth that my heart wanted to say. Guide me dearest God and let this dream, your plan happen. Amen.

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10 thoughts on “The Script

  1. Kaye says:

    Hey, I am actually planning on pursuing medical school as well. That’s why it’s kinda nice that I randomly found your blog on the net. I just wanna ask how you found out all the specifics regarding expenses. I am living abroad so my only mode of finding out the details is online. However, not all the details are on the internet and some are vague and a bit sketchy. As for the NMAT exams, I have taken the one last November and it was a bad idea. Knowing that I only had a 2 months to prepare. I still went for it haha. I screwed up on time management during the exam so that left me no time to answer all the questions. So really practice the MSA package and the practice sets given after registration. Time yourself when doing the practice sets. As long as you practice those then you are good to go. Hope that you’ll be able to pursue your dreams. Cheers.

    1. Joberlyn R. Manaois says:

      Hello Kaye. I’m glad you read through my blog. Actually, it took me a hard time to search for details regarding which school is less expensive and has minimal requirements especially on my case since I didn’t take preparatory medical course. To help you search for the best school that would fit for you, you can check the performances of schools during the physician licensure exams, from their is the complete list of medical schools in the philippines. from their, you can start selecting school and research about it and their admissions. With regards the NMAT, I read about MSA packages and they are not advised as review materials because those were too difficult. Most reviewees advised to study from the practice tests given after registering. πŸ™‚

    1. Joberlyn R. Manaois says:

      Hello Ellice. Thanks for reading my blog. I’m studying basic biology, physics and chemistry since I didn’t take those subjects in my undergrad course. I’ll also scan some of my notes in sociology and psychology. I’ll also focus on the downloadable practice tests available in the internet. Many NMAT takers as I read from their blogs to focus on the basics since those were frequently asked during NMAT. πŸ™‚ Good luck on your preparations. Hope you’ll ace the exams. Good luck Future Doctor! πŸ™‚

      1. Carmela Salinas says:

        may i ask how much is the exam fee for nmat? can you give me a range?

        i am also planning to pursue medicine, because i feel it is my calling, but right now i am hesitating due to financial constraints. hopefully, it will be next year or late this year that i’m planning to take the exam.
        I wish you the best luck. =)

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