Does it really take a man and a woman?

It’s a boring afternoon. I am left with no errands. I am not in the mood to watch a movie. I am not hungry. I am done with Facebook. I am done with Twitter. But my  ears’ up for love songs and they keep playing. So then I wondered, after watching the Sarah and John Lloyd rom-com movie It takes a Man and a Womandoes it really take a man and a woman?

Alright! This is something that I don’t usually post here in my blog, but I guess when you are already on it, I mean the relationship, you get to fantasize some things about you and the one you are into. This time, I’m taking my view as I am, the woman.

Before I started to insert my thoughts here, I searched for what most people, usually the teens, the tweens, those on 12 – 16 ages, had a great deal on. Things that a girl wants from a boy. This time, I saw the first thing when I googled it, 45 things a girl wants but will not ask for.  (click the link if wanted to read it)

See? There’s a lot of it. But for me, yes for me, I can’t deny that I have been also to these relationships, there are just few things for a guy to remember but there’s a lot of it to do, and must be out of love so you wont get tired of doing it.

Once, you get into a relationship, if you’re purpose is something for yourself, then quit the relationship!

Love, as what I learned from my silent retreat, is desiring the best for the beloved even if it excludes the lover. Finding Happiness/Joy in a relationship is when that desire for love is realize. Love then is not calling for selfish purposes. It sacrifices. It cares. It gives oneself to the other.

If you are in a relationship right now, then think again why you are there? It will be great if you are there and will still be there because you wanted to make your partner feel loved and live with happiness.

So, how will you do it? It’s simple. For sure you know the one you love, if not, then know him/her first, then there you will know what to do for her/him. Here then where the 45 things to do can be done. If she loves surprises then he must do something for it. If he wanted to be comforted, then she must be there for him to comfort him.

Don’t get tired of loving the person. Don’t get used yourself of counting the things that person doing for you. Don’t ask for return when you give yourself out. If you did all, then it’s not love at all.

Tell the person. Do something for the person even if he/she asks or not, even if it’s small or big. What’s important you did something, and you do it most of the time, I mean for the rest of your life when you are in a relationship.

Indeed, it takes a man and a woman to keep love and happiness within a relationship. 🙂

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