The Least Thing that I Can Do

Not until I went here at my mother’s hometown, I would never realized that all things were stumbling everywhere.

2nd Saturday of Summer was supposed to be a getaway with Pai’s family to celebrate their Uncle’s Death Anniversary at Lanuro, which is near to Digos (my Mama’s hometown). But then while packing up, my little sister called me up telling me to go to Digos because they just arrived. I don’t have other thought in my mind but only vacation. I’m glad yet somehow sad because I can’t come with Pai, and meet his relatives.

We arrived together at Digos. I went straight to our compound and he to theirs.

For the mean time, I can’t stabilize my plans because I am not sure what to do next and I am still waiting for confirmations from the companies I applied to.

Meeting my Mama, seeing the sadness on her face made me wonder. She cried a lot then. I knew back then that my parents are on misunderstanding on different family issues and problems. As for me, I cannot withstand all their points, both raising it all up to me.

Days have gone by, 3 to be exact, until I finally understood that my Mama decided to go away from home because of my Papa. I heard suggestions coming from my Aunties about separation, some just a temporary leave as his wife but not as a mother.

Oh come on! I never imagined to reach this some kind of point in my life that family problems are getting bigger and even more difficult to manage. Of all the problems, but why my family?

I am with my Mama and my youngest sister. Left in our house is my Papa and my second sister. Both don’t have plans to talk with each other. They passed all cellphones to us, their children when there is something they wanted to tell, to reprimand or to ask. My Mama has no plans also of going home. My Papa too has no plans to tell her to go home.

Is it really that God challenges us through the thing that we treasured the most? Is he testing my faith to how will I resolve the problem?

After all the heartaches and tear-filled moments, the least thing that I can do is to trust God. Trust Him of His reasons why He allow these things to happen. And trust Him that someday, all the greys will fade away and the white light will come out.

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