2 Days on the Field

Many things make you feel so fulfilled in life, I find WORK to be one of these things. Right now, many graduates are on the hype of finding job, so do I. But before I officially graduated, I already applied. I got into some interviews, met people and got that interview anxieties many times. Right now, it’s my first field exposure.

I will be exposing myself on a company’s operations. This company I am referring is an unpopular company who is closely working with one of the most popular and the I guess one of the biggest companies in the world. 🙂 Later on when I get hired, I will be sharing to you more about this company.

April 8- First day of Field Exposure/Observation

Call time was 8am and I underestimated the travel time because it was definitely too far from the city. So,I arrived late at the office. Blessed I am that Ma’am Carlota was so considerate. Since the interview day, I already felt so comfortable talking to employees of the company. They are so welcoming. She told us that the exposure will be good for 2 days and for the first day, somebody will accompany us on the field. It was so nice to know that the person, Sir Eon (not sure of the spelling) who will be with us all day cancelled her training at Samal just to accompany us.

We left the office around 9:30 after having a breakfast at their canteen. We went straight on their Monday’s route at R. Castillo Street. I met Ma’am Ivy, the sales agent, who happened to be from Makilal, the Dicer and the Driver of the Panel. Our objective for the day was to observe how the sales agent will penetrate the open trade market on that area and achieve their objectives/target for the day.

I was astounded knowing the number of products that they are handling, more than a hundred, almost more than half of a thousand. It was a very hot day on the field but I need not to complain because it’s fun though. I met many store owners. I witnessed how the canned sales presentations were adapted into those type of transactions. Indeed, I appreciate my course.

I saw the call sheets, the inventory sheet. I learned about Basic Call Principle. I appreciated the power of Public Relations, Interpersonal Communications and same goes to establishing rapport to strangers who will soon become your dearest customers/clients.

It is important that you get to follow the steps, the long steps and processes. and it is most important to listen to your work mentors and learn from them. Truly, experience is the best teacher.

We had 4 store call outs before midday. It was a tough and tiring job on the open trade market. We had lunch at Narcing’s Carinderia at Agdao. It’s my first time. At first, I was kind of hesitant but yes, hello baby, you are on field! You’ll get to deal with any rocks! It’s was fun, really fun though my body’s energy is eaten up my the sun’s heat and sleepy head.

Still up, we are ready for call outs in the afternoon. We are off of 2 store call outs only. But here are the things I learned:

  • There is a great need to follow steps/protocols/processes.
  • Patience is really a VIRTUE. 🙂
  • Doing the work is not just helping the company to gain profit, it’s not just helping yourself to learn and get paid, it’s not just motivating your team and training them, it is also helping your consumers/clients by giving them solutions on their problems.
  • In businesses and life, competition is too REAL!

We ended up at 3pm. It really felt so tired that time.

April 9 – Second Day of Field Exposure/Observation

In a cold rainy day, at 9:30 I am off to Mcdo Bajada to meet Ma’am Jonah because Ma’am Carlota will arrive late. We had breakfast and heard work stories of Ma’am Jonah. Today, we’ll be having the cash and carry – more on the modern trade markets, actually, the major accounts. I saw numbers, more than 7 digits and a lot of commas. Big numbers. Blinding numbers.

We went to Park n’ Shop (Victoria Plaza) and check the company’s product. There I met Ma’am Barbara, the District Manager, handling the whole Mindanao. After, we proceeded to Gaisano Mall. We did the same thing.

We had our lunch at Euro Baker and had some chit-chats with our future bosses. There I meet the Operations Manager of one of the products they handle who happened to be the AMARC President, same position as I have, way back 2005. 🙂

After lunch, we went to NCCC Main doing the same thing. Lastly, at Great Wall Trading wherein I witnessed the real work. Checked the inventory, created product suggestions, looked for store programs, refilled the shelves, handled more than 50 people on a team and presented the proposal to the store owner. All done by one person. Tough job. Fulfilling job.

Later that day, after the call outs. I learned a lot. Some of them were encapsuled during our on the spot interview with Ma’am Barbs at Chicco de Cafe, NCCC Mall.

We were done past 6:30 pm. I felt good. the day was indeed tiring but I felt fulfilled. I am happy about it. Wednesday was left to me to decide whether to go or not for this job. Still waiting several considerations but I thanked for this great opportunity. 🙂

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