Malaysia- Singapore Day 2: Malaysia Educational Trip – Univeristi Teknologi Mara

I woke up very early to catch up with assembly time 8:00 am. With limited bathroom, I need to woke up first to use it that others may still have time to use them. It’s amazing to know that sun rises in Malaysia past 7am. We know that in the Philippines, the sun is already high by that time, but in Malaysia 5am sun rise in the Philippine, it still very dark outside. Malaysia’s working hour starts at 9 or 10am.

Early breakfast was prepared for everybody. The whole day was somehow a struggle because all of us need to wear corporate attire. It’s a requirement. We are business students, we are there for business and definitely, we must look so corporate.Before we boarded to the bus, we took some time to take some business photoshoot. It’s unusual for us to look like CEO and highly respected individuals, so we never missed this chance.

Good morning Malaysia!


Done with the Photoshoot

Jump off to first destination – UITM, university visit.

Ready to go!

I remembered during a visit at the office of the Consulate-General of Malaysia based in Davao City. He was really pursuant in giving us opportunity to visit a university and catch up some ideas from them. A university visit was really good idea that we might know how far our own university still need to catch up in global advancement in terms of education quality.

The travel was kinda long but I never bored because it’s always my fascination to see new sceneries especially cityscapes. I figured out that housing areas are situated far from Kuala Lumpur. I can really see that Malaysia is a little bit similar with the Philippines – building structures, housing but except for the roads. Malaysian roads are kinda looping everywhere. I wondered who engineers placed them all the blueprints when several lines are overlapping each.

Malaysia it is!

Selamat Detang University Teknologi Mara! (Welcome to University Technology of Mara)


Universiti Teknologi Mara, or UITM is the largest state university in Malaysia. It is has several campuses located in different states in Malaysia. The one we visited was in Shah Alam. UITM’s Faculty of Business and Management welcomed the whole group and shared to us the faculty’s thrust in providing excellent education among thousands of students. As we took the tour around the campus, I am astonished of how the university designed the electives of the students. Setting up a retail store for the retailing majors for them to manage and operate is the best way to practice their course. I hope that in the Philippines especially in Davao, such design will also be implemented and practiced.

Retail store managed by Retail management majors.

Student managing the store.

Later on I realized how Philippine Education still needs more advancement to be of higher quality equal to other Asian nations. The university occupies a very very big space. Walking around, taking the stairs, walking again, walking like climbing mountains, UITM is very tiring. But I would never forgot who generous the administration was when they prepared some snacks for everybody.

Knowingly, Spicy Noodles or should I say, Very Spicy Bihon in the Philippines and some coffee. Thank God for coffee! My friends were so cute when they chose not to eat some of it because it’s too hot. My appetite seemed to be Asian for loving it instead.

Spicy Bihon! Haha!

We roam around the campus. We saw their mural of school activities. It’s grandiose sculptures. It’s museum. It’s exhibits and more. No wonder it’s the state university.

We are late and haven’t followed our itinerary but everyone keep their spirits alive for the activities late in the afternoon – Petronas Towers!

For more information and photos about UITM, check my post about it and check my facebook profile. 🙂

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