Malaysia – Singapore Day 1: Hello Malaysia!

We arrived at the airport around 8 in the evening. It was an amazing feeling breathing the air owned by other country.

At last, this is Malaysia!

Hello Malaysia!

The airport was huge yet I, as a tourist and a Filipino, can’t really deny how I get to observe the difference of the scent of Malaysia and Philippines.

Welcome to Malaysia International Airport!

My second encounter at Immigration in Malaysia was secretly funny. After my passport got stamped by the officer, instead of taking my way out, I went back. Later then I realized that I was the only one standing so frantic in the middle while the others are on cue.

Everyone of us quite hurriedly went down to have some currency exchange. I was feeling so hesitant to exchange my peso and 50 bucks in my wallet. I deliriously thought of currency exchange value, the buying and selling of other currencies and also, the consideration of my expenses budget for the next 3 days in Malaysia. I fervently observed Sir Edward and my other classmates getting their money exchanged. Then, I computed how much I’ll exchange and finally we’re done.

Foreign Exchange

We got our things out to look for the tourist guide. Once in other country, I promised not to miss any opportunity I can grab. So seeing my classmates got some brochures, magazines and maps, and then I got mine too. We headed eventually to where the bus waited for us. I was astounded how huge it was. The different position of driver’s seat captured my attention. The placement of every little detail of the bus, the foot stand and other little amenities I saw only in Malaysia and never did I saw here in the Philippines.

Bus with the tourist guide

On our way to Reggae Mansion!

From Malaysia International Airport which I never thought was really too far from Kuala Lumpur, despite of fighting against my sleepy head on our way, I insisted to take a look of the whole view of Malaysia. Because hunger and thirst can’t be deal anymore, we stopped by at a convenience store -Mesra in a gasolinae station to take out some food and drink. I bought a bottled water and tuna sandwich. It tasted good and expectedly, tasted with some curry and a lot of spice. Malaysia was almost similar with the Philippines. I won’t forget how I blow off jokes about seeing EDSA, Pasay City and Makati in Malaysia.


Malaysian Tuna Sandwich

I was amazed knowing that they have an administrative state – PutraJaya. I always love cityscape. Seeing PutraJaya was a happiness. And at last, I welcome to Kuala Lumpur. Here we are finally at the city! The real Malaysia. I can’t actually measure how excited I am seeing from a far the world’s highest twin towers. It seemed to be a dream. I seemed to be sleeping having good dreams.

Arrived at Kuala Lumpur. Finally, dream come true! We saw the KL Towers from the outside of our hotel.

KL Towers from a far

Reggae Mansion was really a nice place to stay. When I’ll go back to Kuala Lumpur, I’ll probably stay on the same place. While busy unpacking our things, we decided to go out and have some late dinner/midnight snacks to some near restaurants.

Please see my post about Reggae Mansion for more details.
Please see my post about Reggae Mansion for more details.

We found Arena Diner. Because it’s still the first day of the exposure, everybody was keeping their pockets tight closed to avoid spending too much Ringgit for a meal. I ordered some white chicken bla-bla, forgot the whole name of the dish. Can’t do away with the curry and spices, it is always there and everywhere. The food was good, good because it a huge serving more than enough to fill my monstrous hungry stomach.

Arenaa Diner

We went back to the hotel. Sleep. Good night!

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