Malaysia- Singapore Day 2: Malaysia Educational Trip – Lunch at a Food Court

Hungry tummies are protesting already because it is already past 12 when we left UITM. We might have spend a long time at UITM but seeing it and learning from them was important. The tourist guide told us that we will stop at a mall or any establishment which is near to our next stop – Winalite International. The travels not that long, we promised us to keep our patience for less than 30 minute-travel. And it’s eating time!

Here it is!

Name of the building

Everyone was already looking for Filipino food, or maybe some dish not the Malaysian Spicy ones. I ordered some western food. Disappointingly, it is not the good. I can’t complain no more. It’s fast food and I’m hungry. I just made sure that I have some food in store in my body to keep my energy high and last until the day ends.

Western food - beef something.

Because I got so much trouble with my shoes and I don’t bring slippers with me. I bought slippers in the supermarket for only RM 3.99 that’s only Php 50.00. The slipper was ordinary but it’ll be very helpful to make my whole trip comfortable.

Let's go!

So without wasting more time, we are ready to our next destination – Winalite International.

One thought on “Malaysia- Singapore Day 2: Malaysia Educational Trip – Lunch at a Food Court

  1. Whitney says:

    When I was in Singapore I made sure to eat Hainanese Chicken Rice! It was soooo good! I went to the famous one, where Anthony Bourdain went.

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