“Escabecheng Bulad”, Tomato-based Dried Fish Own Version

Filipinos’ all time favorite is Dried Fish. Daing in Filipino, Bulad in Visayan. 🙂 Before, I hate eating dried fish. I hate it extreme salty taste until my mom tried this dish and I did my own version/ This made me want some dried fish at home. If you want a new way to cook your dried fish, you can try this one. 🙂

Malaysia- Singapore Day 2: Malaysia Educational Trip – Lunch at a Food Court

Hungry tummies are protesting already because it is already past 12 when we left UITM. We might have spend a long time at UITM but seeing it and learning from them was important. The tourist guide told us that we will stop at a mall or any establishment which is near to our next stop – Winalite International. The travels not that long, we promised us to keep our patience for less than 30 minute-travel. And it’s eating time!