How’s it going?

Hell Yeah! Everybody’s getting much excitement of finishing this semester! Last week people! Last week! Last week of getting all things done in school. Last week of fully loaded requirements, submission of final papers, deadlines, quizzes, and exams. Where I am?


How’s it going?

When my classmates, batchmates and friends are so busy hurrying up finishing all these necessary stuff, I was in the middle of my mind can’t focus and lost in track.

Where’s the dream, honey?

I can’t really figured out why I run out of adrenaline to do much work this time. It was unusual for me to be like this. Most often than not, every finals week I felt so restless and hungry for sleep. But now, I am  feel so demotivated, less pursuing and pull-me-up-I-can’t-help-myself-anymore feeling.

Is this really normal for people having terminal anxiety? Or was it just I who horribly think that I was in this type of condition?

Previously, I wasn’t able to wrap up my thoughts and placed it in a blog not until now, I realize that’s really a need for me to carry on. After I had serious illness last week of the month, got horrifying hectic schedule because of beating unfair supposed-to-be-inextensible yet became extensible deadlines, went into nerve-wracking job fairs where I felt so disappointed because I don’t have sense of direction and right now, I felt so unproductive undertaking my final battle in school.

So what’s up? Am I gonna be like this all throughout my life?

No direction! No path to take! No decision to make! No change to create!

Definitely not.

I hope this blog will save me to help me realize as I finish this that I a lot of things to deal the next days I’ll wake up.

What’s waiting on my table right now?

  • ISM Chapter 12 Quiz tomorrow
  • ISM Laboratory Laboratory Reviewer
  • Pricing Survey
  • Pricing Chapter 6 Deadline on Wednesday Evening
  • Pricing Defense on March 2 afternoon
  • Global Personal Notebook Experience
  • Global Outline Marketing Paper
  • Global Comparison Paper
  • Global Experience Video
  • Global Read Chapter 11 – 15 for Exam
  • Philosophy Read Article On Moral Education
  • Philosophy Exam on Friday
  • Strategic Management Paper
  • Service Marketing Exposure Final Paper
  • SBG Quiz Bowl Concept Paper
  • SBG Quiz Bowl Logistics
  • SHIFT Conference Logistics deadline on Thursday
  • Application for Graduation Deadline on March 2
  • Visit Baby Chelsea on March 3
  • CCO Ambassador and Ambassadress Screening on March 4
  • SBG Quiz Bowl – AMARC Representatives March 8
  • NSTP Culminaton on March 9
  • Aguipo Awards on March 10
  • Marketenista Awards on March 10
  • AMARC General Assembly on Feb 27
  • SHIFT Conference on March 13
  • Kaelyn Anne’s Graduation on March 14
  • SICO Send-Off Party on March 16
  • CCO Club Summit on March 11-16
  • CCO Club Renewal Deadline on March 9
  • Awards Committee Interview on March 11
  • Ate Donna’s Birthday on March 16
  • Samal Beach Party on March 17
  • Daphne’s Birthday on March 11
  • Textile for Toga
  • Pack all things for transfer
  • Buy Interview Book
  • Application on Airline, FMCG and TeleComm
  • March 18-20 Graduation Practice
  • Baccalaureate Mass on March 22
  • Graduation Day on March 23
  • Silent Retreat Schedule
  • Summer Planning
  • Blogggggggggggginnnggggg!

What I realized?

When I started to right down the things on my table, I spend long time before I finish them all.

So, now? Will you still sleep?


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