Travel Checklist

So, Malaysia-Singapore Trip is far to reality. I don’t know how excited my nerves are but I an kinda worried about the things I’ll be bringing.

Yesterday, I got a bunch of my time in the afternoon looking for luggage and listing down my must-bring items. Thank God for SM’s Extended Christmas Sale.

Tip 1: You better buy a luggage suited for your traveling needs. Like mine, Iam traveling for just 6 days, a 10-15 kilos luggage capacity is obviously enough to fit all my clothes and other stuff needed for those days.

I wanna show my travel checklist I made last night.

– Clothes enough for the nunber of days you’ll stay.
– Underwears
– Shoes you wear on any occasion
– Accessories that can fit in all getaways.

– Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Shave (optional)

– Deodorant, Cottonbuds, Facial Cleanser, Facial Foam, Facial Cream, Comb, Presses Powder, Liquid Foundation, Blush-on, Lip Stick, Body Lotion, Alcohol, Perfume

– Towel, Handkerchief, Tissue, Sanitary Napkin, Cotton, Extra Bag.

– Cellphone, Cellphone Charger, Camera, Camera Charger, Earphones

– Passport, Photocopy of Passport, Itinerary, Flight Details, Planner, Ballpen, Water, ID, Wallet, Medicine Kit

Medicine Kit:
– Efficascent Oil, Paracetamol, Mefenamic Acid, Band Aid

I guess that are just some of the things you need to bring. Don’t forget not to forget that you should bring everything you need to bring. Double Check your things the night before you leave.

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