Day 1: Long Travel

The start of the year is so much exciting as I get to experience some of the extreme first-times of a lifetime – travel abroad. I am writing this blog while consuming the last hour of our flight to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The day has been so long, yet the excitement stays longer within my spirit. I slept few minutes before 1am this day and woke up at 5:30am struggling with the cold feeling brought by the moderate rain showers. I was fetched by my Ate Buddy Shey from the boarding house before the clock ticks at 7 and we went straight to the airport. Quite hungry and feeling so sleepy, after the long hours of waiting to check-in our luggages and board on to the plane, around 10:05, we finally headed our way to Cebu around 11:05. Touched down Cebu. We took our lunch at the AMEMCO canteen just outside the airport and spend only P47.00. 🙂 The feeling of tired has already spreaded into all parts of my body and anticipating for a relaxing time during our next flight. While waiting for 2pm, the time the international gates will open, I, Ate Shey, Vanessa, and Kuya Dan decided to go to Waterfront Hotel just adjacent to the airport. First time! Expectedly, luxurious, grandiose and almost perfect. I even wished that someday I can stay for a night at the presidential suite even just once. 2 hours of waiting at the hotel made us order few of their cheap food offers. At first, I eas hesitant because I am not hungry. But just as their food arrived, I wanted to have mine too. So, I placed Danish Blueberry at P85.00 as my order.


Just before 2pm, we went immediately to the international gates and waited their for almost an hour before we checked-in. International flights are less hassle and has smoother processes compared to domestics. After passing through immigration, we spent another pile of time at the waiting area before we finally boarded. At last 4:20pm, we finally boarded and we are excitedly off to Malaysia. 🙂

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