8 days and 7 nights DIY Itinerary in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand

And so, here I am! Already traveled around some parts of Southeast Asia – Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand for approximately 8 days and 7 nights. So far, it is the most fulfilling and the wildest thing I ever did in my entire life. Spontaneity at its finest! This trip was, by far, the longest trip I had. It was so unlikely that I left the country unprepared. What I only have were my plane tickets, my hotel reservations that I booked 2 days before my flight and my offline maps in my phone.

10 Signs You Might be a Beach Babe

Beach or Mountain Climbing? Beach would never an option. It’s a must! When there is a question to choose over a trip to a beach or a mountain climbing or a museum, you don’t have second thoughts on it. It will be the beach, the sand, the shore, the sun. Sunburn? Tan Lines? It’s fine! … Continue reading 10 Signs You Might be a Beach Babe