Civil Service Exam Result

I just wanted to thank the Lord God for giving me this blessing today. 🙂

Civil Service Result

Last September 3, 2012, I rushed to SM Ecoland to file my application for CSE-PPT Professional. Despite of my unfortunate incidences, I was able to took the exam last October 21, 2012 at Room 13, Sta.Ana National High School, Guerrero Campus, Davao City.

Prior to exam schedule was semestral break. A time for me to rest from school pressure and sleepless night and regain all energies and treasured times to be with my family.  Before I went back home, I bought 2 books to help me to review for CS. I bought them from National Book Store.

My preparations for the CS Exam was not that tedious that made me slight diffident about the result. I read the whole 2 books and almost forgotten them. I practiced solving math problems. I read the constitution the day before the exam schedule. Actually, it already came into the point that my father asked me about not pursuing to take the exam if i’m not yet ready. But I guess, there’s no way to back out. Besides, there’s no harm on trying. I tried to get some advice from my classmates, friends, batchmates and even my father who already took the exam. I found the reviewer too difficult that I can’t get even the passing rates.

Oh well, may all the odd be in my favor.

How was the exam?

Honestly, Civil Service Exam is the kind of exam that most people took for granted because it is way too easy based on their perceptions, so they don’t dedicate effort to review for it. But I guess, this allowed many examinees fail the exam.

How much does it cost for a person to take a humble heart and review? The Civil Service exam for me is very difficult. I found it very important for an examinee to review on Philippine constitution and practice solving Math Problems. Truthfully, I wasn’t expecting passing this exam because I am really diffident of my answers. But miracles do happen.

I thank God for this blessing. The people who gave me advices. The bloggers who never stops to share their knowledge. My parents who gave me moral support by reminding me to review. My chocolates who waked me up while taking the exam.

I promised to make more posts about the Civil Service Exam to also help others too. God bless you to your endeavor. 🙂

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