Philippine Voter’s ID

Philippine Voter’s Identification Card, is one of the legal and valid IDs that you can use to any government, or private sector transactions. When someone is already finished entering school, you lose your school ID as one of your valid IDs acceptable anywhere. Aside from the main purpose of the Voter’s ID during Elections, this also serves as your supporting documents for your identity.

So how do you get a Voter’s ID?

From COMELEC Website on ID Application, you get to view the different processes and requirement depending on your status whether as a new registrant, or a transferee to a municipality.

I will be helping you out especially to those who are of my same age, those who belongs to the New Registrants.

After I turned 18 years last November 2011, I eventually planned to process my voter’s ID. I processed it last March 2012.

  1. I went to our Municipal Hall in Midsayap and proceeded to the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) office. I brought with me my School ID and a ballpen.
  2. The Commissioners gave me colored forms to fill up. Make sure that upon filling-up, you get to follow all the instructions. Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance in case you have concerns to avoid erasures or committing mistakes.
  3. Upon submission, wait for awhile as the Commissioners will check if you have placed your information properly. If yes, you will not proceed to the next step.
  4. You are now called for pictorial, making your electronic signature and taking your thumb marks. You don’t need to bring any picture because they will be taking your photo upon processing.
  5. You are almost done. The Commissioners will just advise you when to come back to claim your Voter’s ID. Just remember to keep your stub for claiming your ID.

Honestly, claiming Voter’s ID will for sure take time. Just like mine, they advised me to come back on June 2012 for claiming but up until now, it is still unavailable.

Just in case you needed supporting documents for other government transactions, like mine, processing for passport. Voter’s certifications are given for substitutes. Make sure to have them photocopied for you to have sufficient copies for future transactions in case the Voter’s ID is still unavailable.

Just this year, the last filing of Voter’s Id was last October 31, 2012. So for those who have not yet filed for their Id, please keep updated for the next schedule. I advised you to process it long before the next elections to avoid long hours of waiting.

God bless you! Don’t forget to vote this 2013 Elections, don’t waste your vote.

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