Coffee for Peace: It’s not just another coffee, it’s JUST Coffee.

Here’s one of the most special coffee shops that I visited in Davao City. It is special because it is close to my heart as it resembles both my advocacy and my passion.

Coffee for Peace located along McArthur Highway, Matina, Davao City near the PS Bank and ACLC – AMA School. It is a small shop good for only a few people. Like the typical coffee shops, coffees, juices, smoothies, pastas and bread are what they offer. But unlike the typical coffee shops, Coffee for Peace is considered to be a Social Enterprise.

My first visit in Coffee for Peace was when I was invited to a meeting for some political thingy. My first try of their very affordable French Toast with Cream Cheese made me want to return there as often as I can. But because it’s far from my residence, I wasn’t able to come back again until a Field Trip was conducted in my Social Marketing Class. I was given an opportunity not just to come back but also to learn more about their advocacy.

A Social Enterprise is a kind of business wherein its profit or a portion of it is allocated for the welfare of the society. The Coffee for Peace without any implied motions is an advocate for peace, especially here in Mindanao. Moreover, they also help our local coffee farmers in areas of Bukidnon and nearby places and also our environment. Coffee for Peace is one of the major suppliers of the famous and prestigious Civet Coffee (I will try this when I have enough money to buy one because it way too expensive.)

Coffee for peace offers food and drink in an average level. Breads start at P50.00 and Coffee starts at P70.00. They have a lot of special promos that will for sure entice everyone to come and avail them. The area is just small. It can accommodate approximately 15 – 20 people inside. The ambiance is similar with the other shops but with a touch of locality because of the interior design which is filled with native indigenous accents.

Inside the shop are also items like bags, accessories and shirts branded and made by Coffee for Peace. They have great customer service with Kuya Englishero and Kuya from my area from Cotabato City. I just also knew that Coffee for peace has its other branch at Cotabato named as Datu’s Brew.

So, if you guys wanted to chill out, you make take Coffee for Peace as your choice to dine in and have a coffee wherein you’ll not just enjoy your orders but also helping promote peace in our country and build better lives for our coffee farmer brothers and sisters.

Check out their Facebook Page: Coffee for Peace.

One thought on “Coffee for Peace: It’s not just another coffee, it’s JUST Coffee.

  1. manayjudytria says:

    hi good morning. i have visited your office…knew more about your work thru pastor dan. i wish i can plant arabica coffee in our area.i need your advice on what to do.pls do help, very much interested.

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